Best Attacking Strategies for Farming in DomiNations

When it comes to attacking other civilizations in DomiNations, endless debates can be started because there are so many different possible approaches and you also have to consider the type of attack you’re starting: one for resources or one for medals.

We have already covered the basics of attacking in the game, but now it’s time to go a bit more in depth and talk about one very special and extremely useful type of strategy: farming. Farming means that you are actually attacking with the only goal of getting as many resources as possible. Ideally, with as few troops as possible so that you can start a new attack after completing the previous one. More attacks in a row, more resources for your nation. It’s really easy.

There are a ton of players who perform this type of attacks and eventually you will have to do it too because you will need resources. And in order to prevent this type of attacks, you need a solid base, as we have described here for the Classical & Iron Age or here for the Medieval Age.

But we’re here to talk about attacking, so let’s check out some basics and the best strategies for farming in DomiNations!

Use basic troops only. When it comes to farming, I will always go with an army of basic soldiers and archers. I also like to bring in two (not more) Horse Raiders in case I find a base that I really love and I need some fast attacks. But usually it’s just archers and soldiers: for every three soldiers, I get 1 archer.

I search for the perfect base. Choosing the perfect base when farming is extremely important. It needs to meed a bunch of criteria to make it worthwhile:

– first, and most importantly, it has to have a lot of resources. For Classica Age, I look for a minimum of 20,000 resources each, but I usually go a lot higher. For the Medival Age I’d go for nothing less than 35,000 resources in each category.

– The Mill and Market should not be full. Usually, players will keep their Mills and Markets in well defended, hard to reach areas. However, you can look at them: if they’re full of resources, it means that most of the resources are there. If they are not full, then you will get a ton of resources by simply raiding the farms and roads which are usually easier to target since they are outside of walls and outside of the reach of defensive towers.

– Finally, the defenses should be as weak or badly placed as possible. Badly placed for your goal of getting resources: you don’t care if the Town Center is untouchable. If you walk away with the resources, that’s all that matters! And if you can place the troops without triggering the Garrisons or Horse Riders, then it’s even better!

When it comes to these attacks, I try to go with as few troops as possible. Try spreading them out if the catapult is in range and always use archers to provide back-up for soldiers by killing the incoming infantry. Use the rally smartly to trigger the farms or gold piles on the road. You will probably get to use no more than 2 Rallies per farming attack, so make them count!

Once the battle is over, quickly train the lost troops and perform a new attack again. Keep doing so until you get your medals low enough, then start winning battles to get back up. Rinse and repeat.

At the moment, I stay between 400 and 500 medals because that’s where most of the meat is. Things will change slowly over time, so when you’re starting to get too few good targets, increase your medals a bit. You will get a ton of resources for upgrades with this method!

5 comments on “Best Attacking Strategies for Farming in DomiNations

  1. But with weaker infantry it’s harder to destroy all the defensive buildings (due to troops spawning from stables, plus ballista towers etc), and if you don’t destroy the defensive buildings you lose all of your troops even if you win (correct me if I’m wrong). So surely this way you can’t do consistent back to back attacks as you’ll need to train new troops each time?

  2. As Greece, to this point I’ve been using a simple companion/cav raider mix, followed by a few throw-away battles with pikes to bring the medals back down. The companion beat the hell out of any mercs I’ve seen so far, freeing up the trade goods for blessings.

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