Best DomiNations Wonder to Choose for the Gunpowder Age

It’s been quite a while since we have talked about the Wonders in DomiNations, and now it’s time to right the wrongs with the next piece that was not covered by our fansite: the best DomiNations wonder for the Gunpowder Age!

We have already covered and have advice for the best choice when it comes to Wonders for the Bronze Age, as well as the best wonder for Classical Age, so make sure to check them out too if you haven’t made it so far yet.

But if you did and you’re wondering which might be the Best DomiNations wonder for the Gunpowder Age, we’re here to help: and I have all the effects (with exact numbers) of the wonders. Please note: Numbers might change a bit in future updates if the developers decide to change the effect.


dominations best wonder for Gunpowder Age 01

Slows down nearby invading armies and provides a health bonus to your own troops.

In actual numbers, it gives a 10% boost to the health of your troops and it slows down the incoming enemies by 40%, which makes it by far (at least in my opinion) the best choice when it comes to Gunpowder Age wonders.

I did choose the Versailles and I do believe that it’s the most amazing one out there, so it gets our top pick!

Taj Mahal

dominations best wonder for Gunpowder Age 03

Increases loot stolen from attacks. Hire a free mercenary once per day.

In actual numbers, you get a 2% loot when raiding, so you won’t really feel that unless you get some big loot anyway. However, the free mercenary that you can get daily (a mercenary of your choice) is really good since that’s basically a few free trade goods per day. This is pretty huge and getting that Elephant does help!

So with all these effects and reasons I consider the Taj Mahal as the second best choice. It’s my opinion, you might consider it the best, though!

Angkor Wat

dominations best wonder for Gunpowder Age 02

When defending, heals nearby defenders. Once a day you can collect a trade good of your choice.

In terms of actual numbers, the healing happens every 3 seconds and it heals 20% health to your units who are defending the base. It’s not insanely useful, actually, especially if you are an offensive, active player, so in my opinion, the Angkor Wat gets third place on our list.

Temple of Tikal

dominations best wonder for Gunpowder Age 04

Increases trade goods capacity and refunds some of the resources stolen by opponents.

In actual numbers, you get back 3% of the resources that were looted from you and you can store 2 more trade goods. Really, this seems to be the most useless wonder ever. The 3% you get back doesn’t really make a difference and the extra storage for trade goods doesn’t help much either, so I would really stay away from the Temple of Tikal.

So there you have my opinion, then: the best wonder to choose for the Gunpowder Age is the Versailles. Do you agree?

12 comments on “Best DomiNations Wonder to Choose for the Gunpowder Age

  1. Great guide, as usual 🙂
    What is the Versailles Wonder are a of effect Please ? (Compared to annoter building or wonder for exemple)

    • That’s the big minus of the Versailles – its pretty low area of effect. It’s similar to that of the Mortar/Catapult, maybe a little smaller…

      Sorry the for the late reply, I just now saw your comment.

  2. Angkor Wat gives three trade goods per day (four if you’re in the Enlightenment Age). It has a big area of effect compared with Versailles, and the heal effect really kicks in when you’ve got one or two Generals on defense.

  3. Do the daily free mercenaries from the Taj Mahal count against the max army count in your mercenary camp or are they unlimited like bonus armies from events?

  4. This advice makes no sense at all. The function the Temple of Tikal (and the reasoning for putting it to the last position) is not any different from that of Versailles. How is a defensive wonder bad for an offensive player while another defensive wonder is good?

  5. think of wars and surviving from attacks. If you are in the Korean nation, DONT pick temple of Tikal because the korean nation already refunds the loot you loose.
    If you are british, do not pick Taj Mahal because the brits already have loot bonus when you attack.
    Ankor watt is a popular choice for players. Angkor watt provides health to defending units which can be useful in war. Ankor Watt also supplies you with trade good which you can use to buy mercs (mercanaries). Taj Mahal can only allow you to get one free merc which is why i think Angkor watt is better.
    Versailles is the best because it slows down attackers by alot, and provide health to your troops. Just think of the catapult fire that can hit your attackers while they are walking too slow and cant get out of the way!

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