Check Out an Attack of the #1 Player in DomiNations

I love watching DomiNations videos over on YouTube and fortunately there are quite a few vloggers who cover this amazing game (we’ve talked about a few here), but one that I had missed in the previous article is Bamboo CoC from PlayDomiNations.

He is one of the top players in the game currently based on the number of medals, and while checking out this channel, I stumbled upon a really interesting video: he managed to attack the #1 player in DomiNations at that moment (who has dropped to #24 at the moment of writing, but he’s still an amazing player). I decided that such an attack is worth watching and even though the attacker didn’t have any tactics to use in the battle and the fight itself was pretty basic, it is still interesting to watch, especially to see how fighting goes up there at the top.

So check out the video below, an attack of the #1 DomiNations player at the moment of the attack:

Seeing all those upgraded walls and buildings makes me dream, actually because I seem to be so far away from that point… but slowly we’ll get there too!

What do you think about the video, though? Did you enjoy it? Should I find and publish more interesting YouTube videos showing DomiNations gameplay, or not?

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