DomiNations Atomic Age Update Brings New Troops, New Goodies

It’s been ages (no pun intended) since a new DomiNations update as big as this one was released, but it finally happened. Veteran game players are being treated with all sorts of goodies in the latest update released by Nexon and Big Huge Games. The Atomic Age is here and I am here as well to share with you all the details about the new update and the goodies it will bring. And yes, there’s a bit of everything for everybody!

Following the World War era content from the previous update, the Atomic Age includes a series of new units and buildings that represent the decade following the end of World War II. To represent the era’s technological progress, Atomic Age introduces new Wonders of the World (see below) and two new game-changing units: the Helicopter and the Armored Personnel Carrier (APC).

In terms of brand new World Wonders, these are: The Pentagon, The Atomium, The Sydney Opera House and The United Nations!

Here is a trailer showing you a bit of the Atomic Age goodness, in case you want to experience it early on:

The new age brings a ton of new upgrades and updates as well. Your Generals can now be upgraded up to level 50. New Mercenaries can be hired once you get your Camp to level 11 (Freedom Fighter, BRDM-1, and Tank Destroyer). Four new Techs are available for research in the Library (Computing, Radar, Monuments, and Elite Paratroopers).

All in all, this is a major update for the fans, giving them a lot to do and new war options. Let us know in the comment section below what you like the most (and dislike the most) about the Atomic Age in DomiNations.

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