DomiNations Base Design Ideas: Base Layouts for Classical Age & Iron Age

We’ve already covered the basics of building a perfect base in DomiNations in our base defense guide, but I have decided to create this article to specifically address the base layout / base design in DomiNations with some examples of bases that I consider solid enough for a perfect defense. I am sharing with you below some DomiNations base designs and layouts that will give you some much needed inspiration to build that perfect base that’s impossible to break – or at least impossible to ace. We’ll start with the first two ages where defense starts to matter: Iron Age and Classical Age.

UPDATE: If you are looking for Medieval Age Base Designs, check them out here.

It’s worth noting first that there are a few elements that make things different from player to player. The nation that you have chosen might play an important role in deciding your base layout (if you are playing the Japanese, for example, who have a self-defending Town Center) and what wonders you have built. Finally, you should always know if you’re trying to focus on protecting your resources (which is something I recommend) or protecting your Town Center (to reduce the number of lost medals).

So before checking out the actual base designs and layouts below, let’s quickly get through some basics when it comes to base building in the game:

– Try to have at least two chambers of walls. Simply surrounding everything with a set of walls makes little sense because after the enemy breaks one wall, all the others are useless.

– Upgrade your Walls. They are insanely expensive, but you should always upgrade them as much as you can – a good time to do this is when you’re upgrading the Town Center for a new age and you will have excess gold.

– Build the Catapult ASAP – that really scares away a lot of invaders early on. Get it there and place it in a central, hard to reach location and you’ll have an advantage.

– Place your Wonders where they matter. I’ve seen a ton of Acropolis wonders placed in an area that had no effect on the nearby Garrisons. Don’t be that player and always make sure you place your wonder in a spot where it affects all the buildings it can.

– Keep a decoy building far away – if you don’t want to get 100% wins against you, a good strategy is to have a single building in the other corner of the map so that incoming troops have a difficult time traveling to it and destroying it. I use this strategy with great success – never had a 100% victory against my base since I started Iron Age.

– Watch replays and see where your base is weaker (where the attacks are coming from) and try to right the wrongs by switching some buildings to perfect your layout.

Now that we know the basic base building tips, let’s check out some actual bases. I haven’t found some to be extremely pleased with, but I will keep updating this article with new and great ones as I find them. But until then, here are some DomiNations base design / base layout ideas for the Iron Age and Classical Age (the first image is of my base in Iron Age, a design that works perfectly):

dominations base design 06

I also have a Barracks in the South-Eastern area (by the port) which takes some time to get to and most people don’t see it when attacking. But I had a very little amount of attacks with this base design, so I really like it!

dominations base design 01

In this case, I would really suggest switching the Catapult with a Tower or maybe even a Garrison.

dominations base design 02

Here we have a great placement of the Catapult, even though the resources are sacrificed for protecting the Town Center.

dominations base design 03

Again, resources are sacrificed for protecting the Town Center, but this does reward you with some Medals!

dominations base design 04

dominations base design 05

Do you think you have an amazing base design that’s worth mentioning on this fan site? Send us an e-mail from the contact page and if the base is good enough, we’ll feature it on the website!

6 comments on “DomiNations Base Design Ideas: Base Layouts for Classical Age & Iron Age

  1. I’m confused, you recommend protecting resources but you show layouts where the resources are wide open and easily accessible. Then you say one wall is not sufficient but again you show bases with one wall. Iron Age area +1/-1 age have limited walls so it is hard to say to double walls. I for one could care less about medals, I want my resources because the game is all about upgrading to become stronger and maxing your defense while learning your strategy for offensive attacks. Good tips but can easily confuse the reader with the images.

    • good observation nick… i am also confused of how they layout the bases above.. any one whi attack those bases above can easily have a quick victory… i for one can send only four samurai archer riding horses and have a easy victory… im struggling on how to efficiently layout my defense structions … any recommendations? thanks… more power…

  2. hey… i think the designs i saw above are not enough… especially when attack by a japanese samurai archers.. can easily have a quick victory… i have a classical age japanese nation and basically the location of the center town are exposed to archer type attackers… please modify so that i can copy the base structure for a more defensive power on our side… thanks and goodluck.. more power…

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