DomiNations Blessings Guide: How to Properly Use Blessings

DomiNations has a nice feature that many players are completely ignoring, maybe just as much as they ignore the War Tactics: blessings in DomiNations can offer quite a few advantages in both attack and defense and you should really consider using them often – but most importantly, using them smart to get the most out of this brand new feature!

Therefore, in this article, I am going to share with you a guide to the DomiNations blessings, which ones are best used in the game and how to use them to maximize gains and don’t have them just like some extras that make no sense.

As you probably know already, Blessings in DomiNations can be purchased with Goods and they have different effects. I would personally purchase any mercenaries first before purchasing Blessings because, for some reason, Mercenaries seem to have a more direct, immediate impact in battle. Which doesn’t make Blessing useless…

In my opinion, a Level 4 Temple is ideal now for Blessings, but you can still do great with just a level 2 Temple which offers a ton of extremely useful blessings. Now let’s focus on them based on their category!

DomiNations Blessings for Defense

If you have an already solid base design in your game, the defensive blessings can really make it impenetrable. It’s just two blessings that you should have active at all times and you will see that, in combination with a solid base, the number of attacks on your base will reduce drastically. These blessings are:

– Fortification Blessing (Offers a base 20% increase to the HP of ALL your buildings)
– Tower Blessing (all your defensive buildings cause 20% more damage)

Now these are the ones that I try to have active at all times, but there’s one more that can be useful if you have a lot of resources and you want to make sure that you don’t lose them all: Storage Blessing, which refunds 25% of the resources stolen from your storage buildings. Have in mind that they don’t restore a quarter of all resources stolen, so make sure you collect from your Farms and Caravans!

DomiNations Blessings for Attack

When it comes to attacking, I usually go without blessings because they are extremely expensive. But if you have time to search for a really solid base that rewards you with amazing loot, the offensive blessings will help you. You should use them in this order:

– Weapon Blessing (all your troops will deal 30% more damage in battle)
– Armor Blessing (all your troops will have 30% more health)

It’s better to go for attack power instead of health if you only can afford one, but both are a great combo. However, make sure that you use them in an attack on a tough base with over 100k resources each, otherwise there isn’t much sense in spending valuable goods on them.

I usually ignore all the other blessings as I consider them pretty useless. But these 4-5 recommended above are pure gold in my opinion and you should make sure to use them – especially the defensive ones, to improve your chances in the game.

3 comments on “DomiNations Blessings Guide: How to Properly Use Blessings

  1. Dont forget about the Gathering Blessing used together with the Animal blessing, this enables animals to spawn at a very fast & prolific rate.
    Its a Win, Win situation, because not only are you gaining Trade Good to enable you to purchase Mercenarys, for a stronger raid, or War. But you are also gaining Gold & Food, at the same time.
    Thereby making you closer to that upgrade or stronger Mercenaries for War, or that base you want to attack,when you must hv those extra troops, to gain all that loot, lol.

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