DomiNations Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategies for Beginners

No other article would be better suited for a DomiNations fansite than a full set of DomiNations cheats, tips, tricks and strategies for beginners. I would consider a beginner a player who still hasn’t advanced to the Classical Age, with the Iron Age marking the transition between the real beginners and the more advanced players. However, you can learn new stuff no matter what your level is in the game, so maybe everybody should start by reading our complete (or at least so I hope) tips and tricks article for DomiNations!

Although different people will go with different strategies – at least when it comes to choosing wonders and civilizations (we’ll have an article on these later), some things are always the same and we’re focusing on them below in our first article filled with DomiNations cheats, tips and strategies for beginner players!

1. Focus on building and upgrading everything
Early on, your main goal will be to build all the available buildings, roads and defenses. Then upgrade them to the maximum. Don’t focus too much on base design at first because you’re still under protection and you don’t have enough space to play with, but do focus on getting everything done and upgraded. Start with the Markets and Mills because you need to have storage space, then work your way up to upgrade everything. You should even buy all walls and roads, even if you can’t really place them flawlessly: but they will soon become extremely useful.

2. Be smart when expanding
Clearing the Forests around your Town Center should be your second focus, but that should be done smartly: go down the port first to unlock (eventually) the daily bonuses. Then go to the North-West towards the gate which will unlock Alliances for you. If you clear the forests with these in mind, by the Iron Age you will have both unlocked. And I believe that it’s best to go for the Port first because you will unlock the rewards sooner by getting at least 400 Medals).

3. How to get more gold
The lack of gold will be felt early on worse than the lack of food, so here is what you should do: connect as many roads as possible to the Town Center, then connect all your buildings – or as many as possible – to your roads. This gives you some bonuses, and combining them with the caravans – and then the upgrades will keep you running smoothly. Don’t forget to always hunt the bunnies and foxes and collect from the Mine(s) to never have gold problems early on!

4. Take advantage of early protection
Don’t start attacking other players as soon as you have the chance because you don’t have the man power. Instead, focus on completing the first Campaign and just building your base up. Take advantage of protection for as long as possible because once you are out, you will start to get raided regularly. So the better prepared you get out of protection, the higher your chances to progress even faster by attacking and gathering resources.

5. Remember the free upgrades/builds!
If an upgrade has 5 or less minutes left until it’s ready or building until it’s built, you can fast forward it for free. Do this every time you have the chance to speed up your progress even more!

6. Get the most out of your workers
There will always be a lack of workers, especially early on. Tasks like upgrading and building will take more and more time, and you should manage the workers carefully to get the most out of them: when you log in to the game, collect from the mines and harvest trees, then send workers to hunt. When you leave, go for the lengthier upgrades and buildings. Your workers should always be doing something when you are both in the game and offline.

7. Protect your resources
Don’t worry about the Town Center too much early on – focus on protecting your resources: leave the Town Center outside the walls and unprotected, and squeeze behind walls your resource buildings and defenses (remember that trees and mines can’t be raided!). Try to have multiple “rooms” instead of just one: the more sets of walls the enemy has to go through to get to your resources, the more difficult it will be for them to defeat you and steal your goodies.

8. Focus on getting resources
The same goes when attacking: attack only the bases with the most resources and from which you can indeed capture a ton of resources. Forget about the Town Center and even winning battles: you need resources first to upgrade your base and medals later. The more medals you have, the more difficult your opponents will be, so it doesn’t hurt to stay low for a while and build up your nation.

9. Research constantly
Don’t forget to use this option – early on, you won’t have many options, but research everything, every time you have an option. Better troops means bigger chances for you to win!

10. Join an alliance!
There are a lot of bonuses coming from being in an alliance and maybe you even have something to learn from fellow alliance members. So unlock the alliances as soon as possible and join one – you might not get into the perfect alliance as soon as you start playing, but you can leave and try for a new one. A good, active alliance will help you a lot.

These would be our tips and tricks for the beginners out there. There is a lot more to be covered, and we’ll have dedicated articles for each of these chapters (like base designs, wonders, civiliations and more). So make sure to check back soon for even more DomiNations Greatness.

5 comments on “DomiNations Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategies for Beginners

    • Buildings, once placed, can’t be removed from the base. You can remove forest and trees/rocks by tapping them and clearing them when you have free workers.

  1. You should clean forest closest to your starting position, you must not clear path to dock or gate

    • WHY we must not clear the path to the gate? i couldn’t join an alliance until i did. but i see some players with uncleared path to the gate, but only the road!? and they’re in alliance, I’m confused. please clarify on this!


  2. Clearing the forests towards the gate and dock is stupid. Unlocking alliances is done by clicking on the gate and repairing it. Unlocking the dock is done by earning at least 400 medals in multiplayer battles to be placed in a league. Then once a day you’ll receive a bonus based on the league level you’re in. Neither the gate nor dock require any forests to be cleared. When clearing forest just clear whatever area is helpful for increasing building area. I prefer to keep the clearing mostly square but that’s just personal preference.

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