DomiNations Developers Talk Plans for the Future: Updates, Cheat Detection, Community Involvement & More

I think that the developers of DomiNations (Big Huge Games) and the folks at Nexon are really amazing and many mobile game developers would have a lot to learn from them. Today, they have published a long and extremely nice announcement on their official page, where they talked about some plans for the future, explained that they plan to listen and interact with the fans of the game more and better and apologized for the problems that the game has sometimes caused us in the past.

I think that such a behavior deserves a big hattip from us and it shows that we made the right choice choosing to play and sticking to DomiNations. I have some excerpts from their message below (you can check it out here) with some commentary from me:

“We know that DomiNations has a lot of areas we could improve, including bugs, connectivity, AI, and cheat detection / response. We are working hard on all of these issues, and also looking to add new features for the game that people will enjoy playing.”

This is the first and most important thing that everybody wanted to hear from the developers, and I am extremely happy to hear that they are planning to work on all these areas that we’ve been all telling them to work on. As a bonus, they said that they have hired extra people to help them with the project, so it’s definitely going to happen!

“You deserve better, and we are confident that we now have the staff to deliver top-quality service to our players. The community here has been very patient as we’ve worked through our growing pains, and I want to thank everyone here for your support.”

In the end, they also have some great news for us: we’re really, really close to getting a NEW AGE in the game, the Industrial Age, and it should go live next week. Yay:

“The Industrial Age release is now in platform review, and should be live in the next week. It contains a ton of fun new content, bug fixes, balance tweaks, AI improvements, hack prevention, and cheat detection. We’ll be kicking off the launch of Industrial Age with a weeklong Titans of Industry event, available for all players in Bronze Age and above, which boosts the amount of resources gathered from your collectors and improves the loot hauls from PvP.”

I am sure we are all really excited with all these: make sure you stay tuned with us because soon we’ll have a full overview of the Industrial Age and the complete list of changes the new update is going to bring!

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