DomiNations Global Age Teased as the New Age after the Industrial Age

The Industrial Age has just been launched in DomiNations and many players still haven’t reached the Enlightenment age yet, but the developers of the game have already figured it out and they are teasing the next age to those who upgrade to the Industrial Age: the Global Age, which is coming soon (probably and hopefully not too soon, though!) with a lot of goodies.

We were all expecting and anticipating a futuristic age, but there’s more until there, and right now we’re going to get the Global Age as the age that follows the Industrial Age. This is the splash screen you will get when you move to the currently final age in the game:

dominations global age

As expected, there is no real information about the Global Age (in the end, at the moment of writing this, there are still a lot of mysteries regarding the Industrial Age too!), but we can see that the troops will evolve even more and we can see some marines there, better looking planes, a first aid truck and a cool looking tank that’s probably going to cost millions to unlock. We also have a new general – for some reason, I believe he’s a Russian general – so the game is definitely moving in the right direction.

But until we even get to dream about the Global Age, we have to focus on upgrading to the Industrial Age and get the 4.5 millions required just to get there. I think and hope that we’ll have at least a few months before the new age kicks in…

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