DomiNations Guide: Best Wonder for the Classical Age

We have talked about the best wonder to choose for the Bronze Age in a previous article, and now it’s time to move forward and check out the best wonder for the Classical Age in DomiNations. In my opinion, the Bronze age is pretty obvious in terms of the best Wonder, but the Classical Age – not so much.

There are four options available in the game, just as always, and you can choose to build the Colosseum, Forbidden City, Notre Dame or the Terra Cotta Army for your civilization. And I must admit that they all seem to be pretty amazing and it’s difficult to make a choice!

But one has to be made, so let’s find out below the best wonder for the Classical Age in DomiNations!


01 collosseum

Effect: Produces 8 defenders when you are attacked (large effect area) and also provides Strength of the Gladiator bonus that can be used once per day to increase the attack of your troops in battle. Also influenced by the Acropolis, if you have it.

Notre Dame

02 notre dame

Effect: Reduces the cost of Library Technologies and Unit Upgrade costs by 10%

Terra Cotta Army

terra cotta army

Effect: Increases the hit points of Castles and Barracks in area of effect and allows you to summon the Terra Cotta Army once per day. You have all the details on this wonder in our dedicated article here.

Forbidden City

forbidden city

Effect: It gives you bonus food once per day and acts as a second Town Center, making it more difficult for your enemy to gain 5 stars in battle against you

As you can see, these are all great wonders and it’s indeed difficult to choose just one. Personally, I consider the Forbidden City the weakest link here because it doesn’t help that much – just in the case of medal farming, and it will generally save you just one star when you are attacked.

The Notre Dame also works great because it saves you a ton of resources. 10% might not seem a lot early on, but eventually you will save tens of thousands of resources in upgrades. However, I would not go this route because resources can be earned easily by smart, active players.

I would really be tempted to say that the Colosseum is the best choice because of the boost you get once per day in attack (which might come really useful in future Alliance wars) and the extra defenders that you get when defending – even though you’ll generally get no more than two waves and it appears that the defenders are similar to your highest level Garrison.

I have no real information about the Terra Cotta Army and how strong it actually is. Does it upgrade with each age? Does it remain competitive in the End Game, in the later stages? I don’t know that yet and I am not really sure right now if I’d pick it, even though I’d really like to. However, I think I’ll stick to the Colosseum this time.

What do you think, though? Which is the best DomiNations wonder for the Classical Age?

9 comments on “DomiNations Guide: Best Wonder for the Classical Age

  1. terra cotta offers 20 troops once a day, 10 swordsmen & 10archers of whatever current level they are for you. i am japanese at classical age so i wold get 10 bushi and 10 composite bowmen.
    HP is increased by 20% for said buildings.
    in terms of usefulness, i would put on par with colloseum. 20% of a building with 5k hp is an extra 1000hp.
    terracotta in terms of ooffense is quantity vs quality. xolosseum offers essentially a clash ofcans rage spell while terra cotta offers an entire army. your choice. in tems of defense, i havent used a castle yet so i know not whether a stonger castle trumps the 8 summoned units from the colosseum. i was going to wait till i could build one before making a deciscion.

    • Is the Terra Cotta Army usable as extra power (like mercenaries, for example) or you can only send them into battle and no other troops? If it’s the first, then it’s highly useful!

      • I assume they are like extra power same as collecting from colloseum if you are familiar with that, to be used same as mercenaries. I don’t have it though, I got colloseum.

    • I don’t know, colleseum 8 defenders at a time, can really mess up your army if they are not properly backed up by arhcers, or if your archers are attacking walls or buildings (Mine usually are). Foot troops are really weak against defending troops. I find colloseum really annoying when I attack, the bulk of troops with other defending troops can really mess up an attack.

  2. Best wonder for classical age is Notre Dame in the end game. It is not attackable, so you can put it outside your walls with no worries about victory points. All wonders (except Notre Dame) have a disproportionate amount of victory points over any other building. Because of their size, it is not feasible to put the building within your walls. Since they don’t have many hit points, they can be quickly destroyed for the maximum number of victory stars in a raid, maximizing the medal count of the attacker. So, with Notre Dame, you get all the benefits of a wonder with none of the disadvantages. I wish there was a way to get rid of my wonders.

    • One argument I had against taking Notre Dame is it doesn’t count as a “building” to be destroyed. This means it adds nothing to the total HP of the town. Towns with ND are one less structure an attacker needs to destroy. At least with the others the structure acts as a roadblock and takes a few extra seconds to destroy.

      Personally, I chose Coll for the extra attack and defending troops. If not attacked first, it will release about 3 -4 waves first. If attacked first, it releases 2 waves and well placed towers are sniping the enemy (plus traps).

  3. Definetly Notre Dame is the best wonder on that age. On the late game the upgrades for the troops get really expensive, I mean really, just on the gunpowder age to upgrade the ballista is 3’200.000 food. and in the enlightment age is even worst, it’ around 5’000.000 food. That’s a lot, and it is only going to get worse with time. I have the colosseum, but I am seriously thinking of changing it for the Notre Dame. For the colloseum to be effective you need to protect it with the very limited amount of walls that you have, I dont have it protected and they allways destroy it at first, and is not worth to protect such a large building. On the long run the Notre Dame is the most useful.

  4. Does the Town Center benefit confer to the Forbidden City? For instance, does my Japanese Empire get a potential second Town Center that also acts as a tower? This is how I saw it when I read the descriptions when I first started playing, and would be an amazing benefit that the Japanese have exclusively. Although this seems unlikely, it would be pretty cool. They are probably treating it as “acts as a second town center” and not a literal town center.

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