DomiNations Guide: Best Wonder for the Industrial Age

With the Industrial Age finally released and with many people already making the step towards this latest age in DomiNations, I decided to talk about the Industrial Age wonders and find out, together with you, which is the best wonder for the Industrial Age in the game.

At this point, the wonders are extremely expensive and their effects don’t seem that impressive: in my opinion, it’s just two of the new wonders that should be considered, but it’s basically been the same with all wonders, in the end. It’s a personal opinion, so let’s find it: What is the best wonder to choose for the Industrial Age in DomiNations?

UPDATE: This article was written with data before the wonders were tweaked and therefore, it is no longer true. Come back soon for the updated data for all wonders!

Statue of Liberty

A great looking wonder, and one of the most useful Industrial Age wonders in my opinion. When you build it, you get a 20% Boost of Air Units Attack, Air Troops are trained 20% faster and they also get an increased range by 8%.

In other words, your planes which are already pretty useful against regular bases (and will be for a while now because most people won’t get the air defenses too soon), will become even stronger. I like this wonder the most because of the bonuses it offers and it seems to me like the most useful this age.


Definitely the best looking wonder this age, it’s also pretty useful too: it increases the hit points of your walls by 20% and reduces the cooldown time of your Generals by 40%. It also boosts range by 8% – but at this moment, I don’t know whose range it boosts. If it is all ranged troops, then it might be very useful – and even not, it still battles with Statue of Liberty for the top spot.

Eiffel Tower

This one focuses on improving the resources gained from the factories. It gives you 100 free oil per day (which doesn’t really make a difference and will surely be boosted in a future update) as well as reduce the factory training time by 20%. Not really my top pick…

Brandenburg Gate

This one almost sounds like a joke, not a real wonder and I am curious if anybody would build it. It gives a 50% Farm and Caravan health bonus… and it surely needs a lot of tweaking to make it even sound like a proper wonder in the game.

So… there you have it! I believe that the Statue of Liberty and Kremlin are the best wonders to pick this age. What do you say?

5 comments on “DomiNations Guide: Best Wonder for the Industrial Age

  1. Well I think you need to update these as I built the “joke”. It boosts factory item damage and effect that cripples defenders once per day.

  2. The article has the old wonders data, before the update went live and the wonders were tweaked. Thanks for reminding me about that – I will update all the wonders ASAP and I could use all the help with the exact effects of all wonders! Thanks, guys!

  3. The Brandenburg Gate now provides a Blitzkrieg power which diables enemy defender producing buildings! Now this wonder seems to be competing with the Kremlin and Statue of Liberty for the top in my opinion. Eiffel Tower has a neat perk too with an extra peace treaty daily. I think this is one of the toughest choice to make for the best Industrial Age wonder.

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