DomiNations Guide to Attacking: How to Get the Most from Your Attacks

One of the main and most fun activities in DomiNations is attacking other players and stealing their resources to build up your nation. There is a lot more than simply sending in your troops on the battlefield when it comes to successfully attacking other players, and this is exactly what we’re going to talk about in this article. In other words, it will be a complete guide to attacking in DomiNations – and you are welcome to add your opinions by commenting below.

But until we get there, let’s check out my own tips and tricks on attacking in DomiNations! First of all, it’s really important to understand that there are basically two types of attacks that you can perform in DomiNations: Medal attacks, where your main goal is to get a 5 star rating in battle and gain as many medals as possible; and farming attacks where your main goal is to get as many resources as possible without caring too much about medals or actually winning any medals.

I would personally suggest that you go for the second type of attack for as long as possible because you need to upgrade your base and make sure it’s all built up before caring about medals and battling the top players. The lower the number of your medals, the lower your chances to meet the Pros (because matchmaking is made based on the number of medals and probably the age). However, when you perform a farming attack, make sure that you either destroy all the defensive buildings so that you get back some of your troops, or you get enough resources to cover the retraining of your army.

Now that we know the two possible types of attacks that we can perform in DomiNations, let’s check out some attacking tips and tricks:

1. Build your army according to what you want to achieve. If it’s resources that you need, a combination of Horse Raiders and a few Soldiers to use as tanks would be good. If you are going for medals, Horse Raiders are pretty useless and you should go for Horsemen, Ballistas and Wall Miners instead. Always have the best possible army for your goals.

2. Take your time to deploy your troops in the right place. Every base has at least one weak spot and you should do your best to find it. The weak spot, in my opinion, is not the worst protected area, but the area with most towers and defensive buildings. Deploy your troops there, take out the defensive buildings (I would focus on Garrison first, then Catapult) and afterwards you’re free to play as you wish. Feel free to end the battle after you achieve your goals!

3. Use the rally ASAP – as soon as the battle starts, preferably, unless you deploy your troops and they all target the building you wanted to target in the first place. The faster you use the rally, the sooner you’ll get the chance to use it again and destroy the buildings you want to target. Have in mind that troops you place on the battlefield AFTER using the rally won’t be affected by it – this is good for expanding your strategy even more (sending some troops to destroy a defensive building, while others stay away to gather resources).

4. Always go in battle with mercenaries, even if you won’t have to use them. I will always have at least a Mercenary army with me, again one that suits best my goals in battle. You lose all Mercenaries even if you destroy all defensive buildings and some survive, so only use them if they’re really needed. Or if you have excess resources. Otherwise, keep them with you – but never go into battle without the backup.

5. Always go to battle with a blessing. The Armor Blessing will be unlocked ASAP and you should always get it because it offers a nice health boost to your troops. After that, depending on the type of attack you’re performing, go for a Loot Blessing too or a Weapon Blessing. But always have at least one blessing for your troops when attacking to increase your chances of getting exactly what you want in battle.

6. Browse until you find the perfect base to raid. Some have better defenses than others and you should always go for the easiest to defeat bases. Look for poorly placed towers, just one set of walls surrounding everything and defensive buildings that are being upgraded (they won’t work in that case). Also look at the wonders the civilizations have built, as well as the nations (it’s written in the top right corner). Attacking a Japanese nation with Acropolis might be more difficult than any other nation, so skip those unless they’re really worth the trouble. Always go for the clear, easy victory because the less troops you lose, the sooner you can launch a new attack and gain even more loot!

Do you have other tips and tricks when it comes to a successful attack in DomiNations? Let us know by commenting below!

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