DomiNations Guide to Campaigns: Ruling the Nile

Campaigns in DomiNations are usually ignored by players or tackled too early in the game when there’s a real struggle to complete them. Neither approach is perfect: the rewards in terms of resources are too little for attacking early on to make sense, but ignoring them completing is also wrong because you’re basically ignoring a bunch of really useful free crowns in the game.

What to do then and how to tackle campaigns in DomiNations? Evolve to a solid age and start sending in advanced troops to cruise through the missions.

Today we’re checking out a complete guide of the Ruling the Nile campaign, which can be easily won starting from the Medieval Age. I would personally recommend to train an army of Knights and send them to destroy everything in sight – it will be easy as there are no ballistas, but you will still lose some to the random Spike traps throughout the way. But it’s the best strategy and it minimizes losses.

Another approach is to go with a mixture of knights, basic soldiers and archers – and for that we have a video below showing you how to go through the DomiNations Campaign Ruling the Nile in less than 20 minutes and winning some free crowns easily:

Have you completed the campaigns in the game or you’re ignoring them, like most people do?

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