DomiNations Guide to Defending Your Base Flawlessly

There is little sense in building an amazing nation in DomiNations, attacking other players and stealing all their loot if you can’t defend it against enemy invaders. However, building a perfect base and defending it is not that easy, so I’ve decided to create this article where I will help you with some tips and tricks on how to build the perfect base and defend it flawlessly.

I’ve also written a guide to attacking, so you might want to check that out as well for a few extra tips and tricks. If not, let’s get to defending our base!

When it comes to building the perfect base, there are a lot more elements to consider than when you’re attacking. It all starts with planning the expansion of your base and how you clear the forests. I mistakenly thought that you have to actually clear a path to the Alliance gate and Port, but apparently that’s not the case. My mistake means that I now have a wide base instead of a better, square-ish one. So plan ahead and start with the forests: go for a square design because it’s easier to take the most out of the defensive buildings.

It all goes on with the nation you choose (Japan being the clear winners when it comes to a solid defense) and the Woders that you build. I have already published a guide to the Bronze Age wonders in the game, but it’s the Acropolis that’s best for defense in this case.

Now that we have this settled out, it’s worth noting that there are two types of base designs you can build: one that tries to protect everything, with the Town Center hidden behind walls – and one that usually fails; and one where you leave the Town Center outside for the enemies looking for a quick victory and you try to protect your resources the best that you can. I would suggest favoring the second, because you need a ton of resources and the better you protect them, the better you’ll do in the long run.

Walls play a major role in the game and you should always try to do two things: build more “chambers” so that the enemies have to go through multiple sets of walls to get to all your buildings – making it more difficult (so a single wall surrounding everything is a big NO!) and upgrade your walls. Finally, don’t forget to have gates placed where needed to allow your defenders to actually reach – and get there easily – the attackers, no matter where they’re coming from.

I will publish some ideas of base designs in the near future, but a golden rule of thumb is to keep your non-vital buildings outside the walls and use them as decoy for incoming troops. Mercenary camps, Barracks, Temples and so on, even houses, these should never be behind walls. Then, in the most difficult to reach area, place a catapult and some resource storages, protected by walls. Surround them with other defenses and build walls to keep them safe: early on, you won’t be able to do many chambers, but as you progress, adapt your design and divide the buildings in at least three rooms. When I see that I have to go through at least three sets of walls to destroy a base, I skip it. So will most other players, keeping yours safe.

Place your buildings smartly. If you have the Acropolis, for example, in order to benefit from the bonus it offers, the Garrisons must be placed in its area of effect (simply tap the Wonder and place the Garrisons within that circle).

Finally, join an alliance and make sure you always have troops from your allies ready to defend your base. Leave blessings active whenever you stop playing and make sure that you max out the upgrades of your defensive towers. If you want to minimize the risks of being invaded while upgrading defensive structures (since they don’t work during that time), start your upgrades when a Peace Treaty is active – this wins you at least a few hours of safe upgrade time.

These would be for now my DomiNations tips for building a perfect defense in the game and protecting your base and loot flawlessly. As soon as I have a few good designs to share, I will post them as well – if you have some solid bases, feel free to send me your screenshots using the contact page so I can use them in future articles to inspire other players. And, of course, if you have other suggestions, don’t hesitate to write them in the comment section below.

14 comments on “DomiNations Guide to Defending Your Base Flawlessly

    • I am wondering the same… How users that are in the same age that I am get so many more walls?

      • Because they have researched the Rampart upgrade at the Library. The first chapter gets you 5 extra walls, chapter 3 gets you an additional 5.

    • If you dont want to lose any commodities. So many people leave them out on the edge of their map with no protection.
      I put 2 foot soldiers on it to destroy it, and get the commodities inside, then end the war.
      A few hundred food and a few seconds for commodities with 1 hour cds? Good deal. You can make up the medal loss easy

  1. Crazy, most of players protect city, weapons troops instead of goods, economic value of nation.
    They put gold, mine, and significant building outside the wall..

    Haha, Some city is very ugly.

  2. From entire post, only 2 key points:-
    1) There are 2 approaches, either put everything within walls or put the town center outside the wall
    2) plan wisely on your defense

    All the other could be deleted

    What kind of guide is this?

  3. Also, spend a lot of workers and resources into your library and university. Some of the biggest buffs to your troops and buildings are in there.

    Save up 1000 crowns to unlock the 2nd blacksmith work slot. Sounds like a lot, it is, but its worth the trouble. Being able to upgrade 2 x generals at a time is great

    I dont put too much time into upgrading farms or caravans.

    Take advantage of 50% off era upgrade weeks.Especially the wall discount one when it pops up.

    Dont group up all your ground troops, stables and garrisons, in one spot.
    Or your other tower defenses could be wiped out by a single guerilla while your troops haven’t triggered to spawn yet.

  4. Dont advance eras too early,Especially if you are at enlightenment. You will get throttled by tanks and planes advancing to industrial if not just about everything is upgraded like troops and walls. You also make yourself an easier mark in wars and put your alliance at a disadvantage.

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