DomiNations Guide to Generals & How to Use Them

When you reach the Medieval Age in DomiNations, you unlock the option to build a Castle, which in turn gives you access to Generals in the game. And they are pretty powerful units that you can use in battle – either in attack or to defend your base – and they can cause quite some damage.

As the title says it, in this article I will share with you a quick guide to generals in DomiNations. The truth is that there’s not that much to say or write about these special units because, at least for now, they’re not very different and they have no special abilities to differentiate them.

So let’s check out the list of Generals in the game first:

Cleopatra (unlocked at Castle Level 1)
Alexander (unlocked at Castle Level 1)
Nobunaga (unlocked at Castle Level 2)
Napoleon (unlocked at castle Level 3)

Out of these generals, the first three have identical stats, with Napoleon being the only one that has higher damage and health ratings. Then why would they give us four generals if they’re basically the same?

First of all, they might change this in future updates of the game and bring special powers and/or skills to each of them. But even if they don’t, it’s still worth having them all.

I say this because every general has a cool-down period. This means that you can’t use the same General over and over again in battle, and while they are in the Cool-down period, they won’t defend your base either. So this is when having them all starts to make sense: you will and should always keep one for defensive duties, and use the other three as back-up in battle.

Don’t send your general in battle unless you really need him or her: try to consider them back-up, just like the mercenaries and maybe tactics and remember that they cost resources and they have a cool-down period. So send them when they are really needed to maximize their value for your nation.

4 comments on “DomiNations Guide to Generals & How to Use Them

  1. Yeah, but in Medieval I am limited to one general only.. If I use it, can I try different one next time or the choice is permanent?
    I chose Cleopatra to try it out.

    • You can activate and deactivate them as you see fit, so you won’t get stuck with just one general at all times.

  2. I’ve noticed that as the Level of the General goes’s hit points increases but it’s damage per second decreases. The damage per second of my Lev3 General is much higher than the Lev4. It should be the other way around. I think Nexon guys should fix this one.

    • Sorry, what I mean is the damage against Generals. The higher the Level, the lower the damage against Generals.

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