DomiNations Guide to Troops (Regular Troops in the Game)

There are currently seven different troop types waiting for you to unlock them and recruit them in the Barracks: I am talking about the regular troops that all players have in the Barracks (so not the nation specific ones or the mercenaries). I have decided to create this guide to the DomiNations troops and share with you all the details about them.

Even though you can easily check out the stats of each of these troops in the game itself by tapping the question mark next to each troop, in the barracks, I still wanted to create this article to have a clear overview of the DomiNations troops at their base level (the stats can be increased by researching additional upgrades) and share a few thoughts on the best troops in the game and the best way to use them in battle. Combine this with our guide to attacking and you will have all the ingredients to play a flawless game of DomiNations.

So let’s check out the DomiNations Guide to troops!


dominations troops guide 01

This is the basic unit of the game, useful early on – and which you’ll probably keep using later on too. It has no favorite target, which doesn’t make it too useful because it will get stuck attacking buildings you don’t care about, but with some well placed Rally instructions, they can be pretty solid thanks to the sheer numbers they come in.


dominations troops guide 02

Good, ranged troops that cause quite some damage. They are extremely useful against incoming Garrison troops and they can take out defensive buildings easily with some well placed Rally instructions. They have low health so try to keep them as far away as possible from the heat of the battle.

Horse Raider

dominations troops guide 03

These are the troops you need aplenty of if you only want to go after the resources of your enemies. Send an army of horse raiders and they will go straight for the resources. It’s always worth having at least a few with you, just in case things don’t turn out your way.


dominations troops guide 04

These are some solid troops with a ton of health that can be used to draw in enemy fire while your other troops do all the damage. Once you unlock them, they are a must have for any army, no matter if you’re going for resources or medals.

Wall Miner

dominations troops guide 05

You will always need at least a few Wall Miners later in the game to get past the walls easily. There’s little point in having too many of these because they only target walls, but as I said, going in with 4 to start with is a good strategy to get inside the enemy nation faster.


dominations troops guide 06

A unit that deals massive damage, but has no preferred target and is almost defenseless against enemy troops. It’s expensive and takes up a lot of space so unless you have a lot of room in your barracks and want to go for Medals, there’s no point in getting these for your army.

Supply Cart

dominations troops guide 07

Another unit that proves to be useful, but without which you might do well too. It heals your injured troops, but has a limited amount of hit points. I think that 2 is the maximum amount you should normally get in battle – if you can’t do without.

As you can see, the basic troops alone offer a nice variety when it comes to attacking and building up your army, and we’ll have extra in terms of mercenaries and special nation troops. I believe that the mid-game troops (Horseman, Horse Raider) are the best overall and getting them will give you a bunch of extra options when planning your attacks.

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