DomiNations Guide: What Nation to Choose for Your Civilization?

One of the toughest decisions you have to make early on in DomiNations – and one that will follow you from that moment on since it can’t be changed – is choosing a nation for your civilization. There are seven nations to choose from, each with its own set of Pros and Cons, each with its unique troops and bonuses and I believe that you should not hurry to make your choice before considering the big picture and taking your play style into account.

If you’re reading this before making the choice of the nation to play as in DomiNations, then you’re on the right track and you will surely choose the correct one. So let’s not waste a second and let’s check out below our quick guide to the DomiNations… nations and what should you choose?


dominations nations guide chinese

Bonus: Increases number of citizens (+1) and Grants 1 extra bonus defender at the Town Center per age
Unique Unit: Chu Ko Nu – attacks faster

Pros: A good nation for a balanced type of play, good in defense thanks to the extra defender and the extra worker could help you progress faster
Cons: The unique troop isn’t amazing compared to the others and you don’t have any real bonuses in attack. Eventually, the extra defender will not make much of a difference either…


dominations nations guide english

Bonus: Increases the loot stolen during attacks by 5%

Unique Unit: Longbowman – has a better attack range, best in the game

Pros: If you like to be constantly attacking, a combination of Longbowmen and the nation bonus will give you the upper hand in battle and help you progress a bit faster. 5% might not seem much, but it all adds up especially later in the game when you get more resources.
Cons: You have to be an active player and keep attacking. Plus, you won’t have any defensive bonuses, so you might lose all that extra loot if you don’t have a solid base design.


dominations nations guide french

Bonus: Reduces the time it takes to train an army by 15%
Unique Unit: Chevalier – mounted unit with a lot of health, difficult to take down

Pros: Great for attack-minded players thanks to the quicker troop training that allows for more attacks per day. Also, their Chevalier is one of the strongest troops in the game with its huge health, allowing everybody else to survive longer and cause more damage.
Cons: Except for the fact that it has no bonuses in defense, I can’t really see any cons here.


dominations nations guide germans

Bonus: Reduces the cooldown on Rally by 5 seconds and increases the duration of rally by 100%
Unique Unit: Vandal – causes more damage than regular units

Pros: Allows you to smart raid your enemies by sending your troops where you want them to be. They can quickly take down defenses and/or resource buildings if you play it smart.
Cons: Although using the Rally more often gives you an advantage in battle, so does smart troop placement. Unless you’re really active and convinced that you want to stick to your strategy, this bonus won’t help you that much.


dominations nations guide greeks

Bonus: Refunds 5% of the upgrade cost after upgrade is ready and gives you free upgrades under 15 minutes (+5 minutes per age)
Unique Unit: Companion – extra health and damage compared to regular units

Pros: The extra resources that you get when the upgrade is done can help you progress faster, while the companion is a decent overall troop.
Cons: No real offensive or defensive bonuses and the free upgrades of 15 minutes become pretty useless eventually when you’re talking about waiting times of over 10 hours.


dominations nations guide japanese

Bonus: Town Center shoots invaders and pace treaties last 25% more
Unique Unit: Bushi – deals more damage

Pros: Really good in defense thanks to the Town Center that protects itself. Plus, the extra 25% you get from Pace treaties helps you hold on to your resources for a longer period of time.
Cons: I really can’t find any. Maybe the fact that you don’t have any real bonuses in attack?


dominations nations guide romans

Bonus: Increases maximum army size by 10%
Unique Unit: Legion – more health than regular troops

Pros: The larger armies allows you to do better when attacking, while the Legion helps the army to live longer and therefore cause more damage.
Cons: You need to be attacking constantly in order to make the bonuses useful. Plus, you will need slightly more resources than the average if you want to sustain your larger army.

So these are all the details regarding the nations of DomiNations. I believe that most of these nations are really solid and each has advantages and disadvantages that could make them a perfect choice for the right type of player. I personally chose the Romans as my nations and I am, so far, happy with the sheer number bonus that they offer. I also consider the Japanese one of the best nations in the game because the Peace Treaty allows you to stay under protection longer when you are not logged in (during the night) and control your attack times better. I also believe that the Greeks and the Chinese are the least useful nations in the game.

What do you think, though? Which is your favorite nation in the game?

24 comments on “DomiNations Guide: What Nation to Choose for Your Civilization?

  1. When you were writing about the British special unit, the “longbow man ” you wrote longbow mans , would it not be longbow men ?
    Great page though

  2. aaaa I am chinese, should i revolutionize and change my nation ? I am not sure if I am too happy with the unique unit, because they are mostly stuck at attacking walls or buildings rather than actual troops.

    Also, I dont think japanese longer treaties help, because you already get 8-12 hours of safe time if you get defeated with 4 or 5 stars. And for an offensive person, having a treaty is not much of a bonus. Japanese town center although can be pain in the ass. Also their units are quiet strong as well.

    I was thinking to switch to germans maybe because their troop has most attack in foot troops or french because of their faster troops creation. Also I like romans because of their sheet raw number bonus. As you can see, I am having a hard time deciding 😀 , if some1 can advice and point a few things, it would be really helpful.

    • I would advise the British Romans or Germans here is my opinion of what I would do with each and I’m deciding between to stay German Do keep in mind I have never been attacked by Romans or British that I can remember
      British Special unit the extra range is quite a lot your troops in the gun powder age when you mostly use ranged it is able to kill most enemy troops before also as many foot troops surprising as I lose to ballista stour able to shoot them from a distance saving hi to rip through some defenses it is and that extra range for catapult/mortar extra loot is really good for getting that little bit you don’t have we all can relate to that
      Quicker rallying if your an active person in battle set rallies to meet your troops up is good especially if you have medics Teutonic fury comes after winning a battle with the Teutonic it is plus 32 percent of the original attack for melee troops
      The extra army size is useful if you use longbow man and melee troops the extra size adds up like the British loot once you have reached 100 it will be 110 which gives you more of an invasion swarm than an attack with troops everywhere of using his nation medics are vital

  3. My civilization is Japanese, and the peace treaties I get range from 13 to 15 hours. Which happen to work well with my 8 level 10 farms and 7 level 10 caravans. 😉

  4. I chose the French nation because it has more wonders than other nations like notre dame and Eiffel tower and Versailles

  5. I chose French and so far I have never regretted it. The Chevalier is amazing and I most of the time, they last over 4 battles. I was hesitating between the Japanese and the French though. Now I’m sure I made the right decision

  6. Are there any effects in library after switch to other nation through revolution? I’ve completed a lot of tech in library. Im affraid the revolution feature will reset library. Please advise..

  7. First of all: I LOL’d after reading @Matin’s comment. Really? U chose French because u want your civ to match your wonders?

    Ontopic: nice site and article. I have one note though. There is only mention of the bonus tactics some civs get and that one is incomplete. @Tristan mentioned Teutonic Fury the Germans get when winning a battle. The Romans have Strength of the Gladiator which is available once every 24 hours and gives your army a nice boost.

  8. What the bléép! Where did U get that pic! I didn’t give u permission to use that profile pic. Where did u get it from?

  9. Romans are just pure awsome, don’t forget that they have 25% more health than regular foot troops. Combine that with being good against Calvary and buildings it makes them just unstoppable in numbers and you definitely get the one up with its 10% extra troop capacity. I use 20 crossbow men, 1 wall breaker (Idk the name, clash name, same thing basically) and the rest my sweet Romans. But there are cons of course the extra economy perks of other nations and what not but still you can’t ignore the fact that the Roman troops are beefed up and they have more of em. who needs strategy when u can overrun your opponents, al lot more fun to do it that way.

  10. A con to the Japanese is since the peace treaties last longer that means you can’t attack as frequently. And if you need the resources you will need to quit that peace treaty. French, Faster army training requires more resources. Leading to you running out of food for every fast army train you do. And for the Germans your con dosen’t make sense. The rally keeps your troops, all your troops to focus and gain a speed boost. Smart troop placment can focus you on a object but over all it won’t give you the bonuses as the speed boost of the rally. Which can matter more than alot of things.

  11. Chinese are good because that extra farmer lets u upgrade walls with all the good u have left so u don’t leave it overnight and lose it or make yourself a target.

  12. I chose Japanse, but i have a question. Why exactly Persian nation not exist in this game? Persian have great history in the world and i think nobody really can’t deny this subject. 🙂

    • They were to powerfull, maybe they have no knowledge about them or a little bit of racism. They put a picture of a pharao and a piramid but no Egypt nations as well. Very weak.

  13. Ive chosen Greeks im so happy with that choice the economic bonueses are OK i mean yeah the 15 minute speedup is only a minor perk but eveyr little helps right? Plus companions are one of the best.

  14. im new to the game and chose the Chinese as my nation but idk if I should switch or not. Any ideas would be great!

  15. U haven’t mentioned about Koreans. Perhaps the best nation I guess. Only drawback is that the nation in grey coulir looks bad.

  16. Guys….you also have to thinka bout wars. This is fact that these are the best nations for wars (in order) Germans, British, and Koreans are the strongest. Next we have (not in number order because these nations are the middle section and no one really cares) Chinese, Greeks and the french. Up next is the romans. Why is romans one of the last ones? Well, the romans only grant you a few more troops in the camps. Last nation is Japan. Dont pick the japanese….terrible.
    If you dont want to choose any of the top three nations go look at the other three in the middle and choose what suits you, but dont choose Romans and the Japanes. I repeat DONT choose them! The middle nations have good special units, like the greek companion tanks. the french have good tanks too.

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