DomiNations: How to Change the Nation or the Wonder You Have Built?

Two major elements in DomiNations might take you by surprise soon after starting the game: you will have to choose a Nation for your civilization out of 7 possible ones, and then you can start building a Wonder. So what if you are in a hurry or didn’t think things too well before making your choices? How can you change your nation in DomiNations or how can you change the Wonder you have built?

UPDATE: A new update that’s about to be rolled into the game allows us to change nations now, as well as wonders! You will find it as the Revolution option in your Town Center stating the Medieval Age and it costs 600 Crowns to start a Revolution. That’s the price you have to pay for changing your Wonders too, so it’s really expensive – make sure you know exactly what you’re doing before choosing and having to spend a ton of money to make changes.

Unfortunately – and what makes this game so amazing – you can’t. The choice you make is final, so always make sure that you think everything through before making any decisions in the game. Usually, we all start searching advantages and disadvantages after making our choice, but if you didn’t, make sure to check out our published guides on the best nations and wonders in the game by following the links below:

Guide to Nations in DomiNations
Guide to Wonders in DomiNations

Even though right now you can’t change the nation or the wonders you have built in the game, there are rumors that the developers might be working on the option to offer us a chance to change that – probably just once. Even if this option is going to make it into the game in future updates, I am pretty much certain that it would still cost a lot of crowns, so you might just have to stick with the nation you chose and the wonder you built – and make sure you make the perfect choice the next time you have an option!

What do you think? Should we have the option to change the nation and/or wonder(s) that we have built?

13 comments on “DomiNations: How to Change the Nation or the Wonder You Have Built?

  1. Can I delete the wonder and town center using map editor. After that build different wonder and town center with other nation?

  2. As usual with games like this, newbie players are asked to make a big decision like choosing a Wonder that cant be changed, or a nation that cant be changed. And then later in the game when you actually understand more about the game its IMPOSSIBLE to change it.

    Anyways… I stopped bothering to play since I really regretted my choice of Wonder and Nation.

    I might check this game out again if I were allowed to change my Nation and Wonder or allowes to re-start. You cant do either!

    They should patch it to allow you to change them only ONCE per player, at least it would allow people to make one change to their wonder/nation later in the game when they understand the game a little more.

    Oh well, it was fun to play for a little bit.

  3. I want to change my name. I tried to uninstall the app, but everything was saved and continuing on with the nation I built. Is there a way to change my name?!

  4. You can reset the game by using 2 devices. The 2nd device must not have had the game before. I used my iPad.

    On the 2nd device, log out of Game Center. Download the game. It will start from the very beginning. Now log into Game Center. It will tell you there’s a saved game on Game Center and ask which copy you want to keep.

    This is free, but you will start from the very beginning.

    Good luck!

  5. I would like the option to change my name as I just chose the first name that popped into my mind at the time I would really appreciate it please regardless if you guys chose not to accept my wishes I will still continue playing as it is very enjoyable and I do not want to start from beginning I have come to far to restart. Awesome game by the way.

  6. I want the option to change my name. When I first started using the game, I used my real first name, not knowing I would be battling with other players around the world. I need to change this.

  7. I think every time , or every second time etc it should give us the option to change our nation. Good interesting games these days ruin everything so fast by limiting our freedom and creativity with features like the nations one in dominations ,
    They could also do a sort of prestige system where once we reach the highest age we get to restart but maybe our stats remain and those who restart could get put into like a separate league full of other plays who have done the same thing

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