DomiNations: How to Get More Crowns in the Game

The Crowns are the premium currency in DomiNations and everybody wants to get as many as possible for free, but that’s unfortunately not easily doable. However, you should not despair, as there are ways to get free Crowns in DomiNations and give your nation the boost it needs to reach the next level and remain competitive. And I am here to share with you all the possible ways for you to get some extra free Crowns – it’s up for you to decide how to put them to some good use!

Before getting there, let me say that I believe that the best use for Crowns is instantly upgrading or building structures that take a long time. This way you save resources and can keep the upgrades going. It also makes a bit more sense to use them early on when the price per building is lower because the buildings themselves require less time to be upgraded, but in the end you decide – that’s just a suggestion of mine.

And now let’s carry on and let’s see how to get more free Crowns in DomiNations!

Complete the Single Player Campaigns
Except for the fact that you get the chance to test your armies against various base layouts and attack when you’re under a Peace Treaty, the single player missions will also reward you with a nice load of free Crowns once you complete a Campaign. The number of Crowns you will earn from completing a campaign is shown in the bottom right corner of each campaign, so start working on it!

Complete Goals
The Goals can be checked out by tapping the icon of the bearded guy in the upper left corner and you will complete them easily by simply progressing through the game. Check them out from time to time and you will earn a ton of crowns this way. So far, I believe that this is the easiest way to get a bunch of free crowns.

Complete achievements
Just under the bearded guy’s icon, you have the achievements. You will also unlock them naturally by simply playing the game, but you can also check them out and focus on getting them one at a time. You can get up to 250 free Crowns per achievement, so it’s worth focusing on them too.

Purchase Crowns & the Starter Pack
I know that spending real money doesn’t sound anything like “free crowns” but the truth is that you will actually get some free crowns if you go for the bigger purchases. For example, the Pile of Crowns gives you 500 Crowns, but if you go for the next available option, you will get 1,200 crowns for double the price of the Pile of Crowns. This means that you get 200 free Crowns – so the more you pay, the more crowns you get. Decide what’s your upper limit and make the purchase: it’s better to wait and go for one big purchase per month, for example, instead of one small one every two weeks.

Also, take advantage of the Starter Pack – it’s the same price as a Stack of Crowns, but also gives you a free house for two free worker, which matters a lot as you progress through the ages.

These would be the recommended ways to get free crowns in DomiNations. Also, a word of warning: stay away from hacks or other things that promise free crowns in the game. Even if they work, they will eventually get you banned. So don’t try them!

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