DomiNations Industrial Age Preview & Release Date

As I have just told you a few moments ago, the DomiNations team is planning to launch the Industrial Age in the game, and it will happen really soon: sometime during the next week, after a special event weekend that we’re going to talk about in this article.

So we have here a complete Industrial Age preview with all the changes expected to be brought to us (Spoiler alert: no alliance wars yet!) so check them out bellow – this update is, as expected, MASSIVE!

1. The Titans of Industry Event

For the weekend before the release of the Industrial Age, we’ll be blessed with this nice event which gives us a new and amazing blessing: the Industry Blessing, which boosts production of resources (farms, caravans and roads), gives us additional Food and Gold Battle Bonuses and lasts for a whooping 7 days. We don’t know the resource costs yet, but it should be pretty affordable, since it goes live for Bronze Age players too!

2. The Industrial Age release

Sometime during the next week, we’ll finally get the new age in DomiNations. Here are the new stuff that it will bring us:

– New Buildings: Airstrip and Bunker

– New Units: Biplanes, Zeppelins, and Heavy Tanks
– New Wonders: Kremlin, Statue of Liberty, Brandenburg Gate, and the Eiffel Tower
– New Library Techs: Drilling, Savings, Nationalism, and Heavy Weaponry
– New Mercenaries: Gurkhas, Bedouin Raiders, and Flammpanzer
– New Achievements: Take Flight and On the Offensive
– And a compliment of Industrial Age Unit and Building Upgrades!

It’s really cool and I can’t wait to check out the new wonders and units in battle!

3. Much needed changes and updates:

– Troop movement and intelligence is improved and now they will be “much, much less likely” to target unnecessary walls, melee units no longer have to get into the “right” position to attack and troops will no longer back up before attacking.
– Supply Wagons are less indecisive and will attempt to heal a Troop at least once before switching to a new Troop (but they’ll switch immediately if the intended troop dies.)
– Mercenary archers shoot over walls again!
– UI Improvements will hopefully make everything easier to use
– There will be a new, improved Map Editor
– Generals will gain power
– We’ll get a new Campaign in the game, the Viking Conquests

Even though we already have a ton of goodies to be really excited about, the developers say that even more is planned for the Industrial Age update… so it’s worth getting ready for it!

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