DomiNations Industrial Age Released – Read about It Here!

The highly anticipated DomiNations update – Industrial Age – has been finally released and together with it, the Titans of Industry event that consists in a free, week-long blessing that gives us 20% bonus to production and loot rewards based on our league. But it’s not the limited time event that matters the most, it’s the new stuff that we can complete in the game, so we’re going to sum up below the new releases brought to us by the new DomiNations Industrial Age update!

Here is what we’re now getting to build, research or unlock in the game:

New Wonders – Choose from the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, the Kremlin and the Brandenburg Gate. Decide wisely, as each Wonder grants unique bonuses in offense, defense, or resources.
New Troops and Units – Loaded with new units, the Industrial age introduces Planes, Tanks, Machine Guns and Commandos to the fight.
New Mercenaries – Bolster your invading force with new mercenary soldiers, raiders and heavies such as the Gurkha, Bedouin Raider, and Flammpanzer.
New Library Techs – With Drilling, Savings, Heavy Weaponry and Nationalism, increase efficiency on everything from your troops to your oil collection with new Library Techs.
New Blessings – Use the Air Defense Blessing and Oil Blessing to get the most out of a new era of resources, warfare and challenges.

It’s a brilliant update, upgrading the game even more and giving us a lot more to do and unlocking new tactical options for the advanced players who can hurry to upgrade to the Industrial Age. In the coming days, we will bring you more content related to this new age, including details about the new General Units riding tanks instead of horses, prices of the building upgrades and so on. You can also read my previous coverage of this new age to know everything about the behind the scenes updates, upgrades and fixes.

Also, if you have extra details, information or screenshots that could help me get the complete scoop of the Industrial Age, please send it over by e-mail using the contact form or by sending an e-mail dirrectly to thisisfansite [at] gmail [dot] com (don’t use the spaces).

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