DomiNations Medals Cheat

Medals are pretty much pointless in the game, in my opinion, at the moment, but there are still a lot of players who care a lot about their medal count and they want to have as many medals as possible, to top the charts and receive bragging rights. However, holding on to your medals is not always as easy as you’d like it to be in DomiNations, because you have to farm sometimes, you lose some battles sometimes and you get attacked sometimes.

However, for those who want to get as many medals as possible in the battle, there is a DomiNations Medals cheat that you can use. I had a long debate in my head if I should write this or not, as I am generally against cheating, but I decided that some are interested in medals that they would prefer to use this to their advantage.

So here is what to do to keep your medal numbers high in Dominations:

When attacking, if you’re losing a battle (say, you’re going for a loot attack), quit the game before the battle report kicks in. Restart the game afterwards and you will not lose any medals, but you will keep all the loot. Also, you will lose all troops that you would normally lose from failing to win the battle, but you will not lose any medals. This is still working and probably will be fixed soon – but until then, if you really want to stick to your medals, this is the method to apply.

Do you care about medal counts in DomiNations? Would you use this technique? I personally don’t and I don’t see any real reason to do so… but others have a different opinion.

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