DomiNations Oil Boom / Industrial Age Incoming: What We Know So Far

A massive update is being prepared by the development team for Dominations, and it will bring us a brand new age with a ton of new content: the Industrial Age / Oil Boom. And as the name suggests, it will also include a brand new resource to join the ones that we already use in the game: Oil.

Details have been, so far, scarce and we can only guess that we’re going to talk about a major update. We will get new troops, new buildings and definitely new functions in the game to be supported by the introduction of the new resource. Here is what we have gathered so far about the upcoming update (whose release date is not yet revealed, but we believe that it’s coming soon, probably by the end of the month):

New units are coming to battle in DomiNations Industrial Age / Oil Boom

Gatling Gun

dominations gatling gun


dominations guerrilla

The Gatling Gun is a rapid fire unit that seems to work best against infantry units – a much needed unit that will help us take out all the defenders protecting the bases that we want to attack. Historically, it was first used in the American Civil War – but we’ve got a war of our own to make the Gatling Guns count!

The Guerrilla is an extremely interesting new unit, which can sneak through enemy gates without being seen by towers. It’s not clear right now what will the Guerrilla target mainly (hopefully it’s the said defensive towers), but it is certainly an extremely interesting unit to watch and one of the things that I most want to see in action when the new age is launched in DomiNations.

From the screenshots released by the developers (which can be seen above) it’s also pretty clear that the new troops will require a special building to be trained in.

And right now that’s about everything that we have about the game – everything else is just speculation, but there’s a Q&A session running right now on the official forums and hopefully when the answers will be posted, we’ll know a lot more about the Oil Boom in DomiNations and the Industrial Age.

Until then, All that I can say is make sure that you upgrade everything that you can – max out everything on your base, and prepare to raise a ton of money in order to evolve to the new age. Which will hopefully come soon!

Are you excited about the prospect of a new age in the game? Let us know by commenting below!

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