DomiNations Oil Boom / Industrial Age Troops: Gatling Gun, Guerrilla, Heavy Tank, Biplane and Zeppelin

The launch of the Oil Boom brought us, alongside the plethora of changes, a bunch of brand new troops to use into battle once the Industrial Age goes live (most likely in the next DomiNations update). I am here to talk a bit about the new troops and check out their stats, even though they are all available in the in-game menus for all.

But it’s nice to have them all in one place and since we’re talking about such an exciting release and update, we have to write about it in depth here. So let’s check out below the new DomiNations troops from the Factory and Aircraft!

Gatling Gun


This troop is great against infantry (defenders) with its fast shooting time and decent hit points / damage ratio. Its weaknesses are cavalry and defensive buildings, which are certainly big Cons when deciding to bring these guys in your army, especially because they need 8 troop space.

Although I haven’t seen them at work yet and I don’t know how good they actually are, they do seem like a weak and kind of useless troop because of its weaknesses and lack of preferred targets. Maybe the quick firing will make up for that – it remains to be seen after the Industrial age is released, but until then I am not very impressed with the Gatling Gun.



I was extremely intrigued by this troop when it was announced, and I find it really cool now too. It can go undetected through gates (and possibly walls), targeting defensive buildings and dealing 20x damage against them. Probably the type of unit to send first into battle, use the Rally command and target the most important defensive building of your enemy. These troops are really impressive and worth keeping an eye on!

Heavy Tank


Well, we’re slowly getting there and we’ll have Tanks in DomiNations! This particular unit has an insane amount of hit points and deals decent damage per second too. It takes up quite a chunk of your army’s space (25 spots) and has a really slow rate of fire – so we have to test this one in battle to see exactly what it can do.



And we’re going to have air units as well! One extremely important tip: research them early on and build them ASAP because players will be late in building anti-air defenses, so you will wreak havoc with planes only!

The Biplane targets resource buildings and is great for quick farming battles. It has 3 strafing runs, which might mean it can only attack three times. We’ll see that when the unit is introduced to the game!



Another great air unit, the Zeppelin deals a ton of damage and it will surely pack a big punch. As I said, make sure to get these as soon as they’re available to take advantage of the fact that most bases won’t have air defenses built, and you can go for potentially endless winning streaks with no losses (that if its just air defenses that can take them down).

So these are the brand new troops introduced by the Industrial Aga / Oil Boom. We also have a bunch of upgrades that will be made to existing troops after the Enlightenment age, so there’s a lot of work waiting to be done!

What do you think about the new units? Do you have a particular favorite on the list?

3 comments on “DomiNations Oil Boom / Industrial Age Troops: Gatling Gun, Guerrilla, Heavy Tank, Biplane and Zeppelin

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