DomiNations Oil Boom Is Launched, Here Are All the Changes and New Things!

A few days ago I wrote about the upcoming DominaTions patch that was going to bring us the Industrial Age and the Oil Boom. It seems that it only brought us the Oil Boom, with the new age waiting for a future update – but it’s still extremely exciting because we have access to all the data (we’ll talk about it in detail in a new article highlighting all the new things), as well as great new tweaks and improvements.

The Oil Boom was launched as patch 1.5.67 in DomiNations, and brought the following changes, that we’re going to talk more in depth below:

Discover Oil!
– Starting in the Enlightenment Age, build Wells and Refineries to collect and store your Oil!

New Building – Factory – and new Troops:
– Gatling Guns – rapid fire units that can easily take out hordes of defenders

– Guerrillas – great new unit that is invisible to enemy towers and plants explosives to clear out defenses. It has an insane 40x damage versus defenses, but probably just one use.

Improved Troop Movement and Targeting
– Troops take more efficient routes when moving (I personally think that there’s still a bit of work left to be done here)
– Troops try to focus fire on the same wall segment, rather than split up and attack different sections (a change that we’ll all welcome, probably)
– Ranged Infantry switches targets when enemy troops come into range.

– Increased England’s loot bonus from 5% to 10%!
– Germany gets an additional Nation Power! German troops receive a 10% damage boost after a victorious multiplayer battle (great new bonus, puts the Germans back on the map!)
– France gets an additional Nation Power! French nations can receive more donated troops from Alliance members!
– Japanese Town Center gets extra range, but a reduced fire rate (The Japanese are still overpowered when it comes to defending)

More XP
– Increased the amount of XP from certain buildings, players might see their levels increase as a result!

– Generals tweaked a lot!
– Added 5 additional levels of General upgrades, up to level 20!
– Players can activate two Generals at a time with the Leadership library tech!
– Activating one General is free, but subsequent Generals cost resources to activate.
– All generals move at 1.7 speed (was 2.8 for Alexander, Nobunaga, Cleopatra, and 1.0 for Napoleon)
– Generals attack every 1 sec (was 2) and damage halved to match.

– Heavy Infantry range reduced to 1.5 in the Enlightenment Age and beyond (was 2.0.).
– Heavy Infantry upgrade costs increased.
– Raider upgrade costs reduced.
– Raider hitpoints increased to 660/720/840/860/880/… (was 450/480/540/630/830/…).
– Raider damage increased to 42/48/114/… (was 35/40/95/…).

– Wonders have more hit points as they advance through the Ages.

War Tactics
– Protection lasts 30/33/36/39 secs (was 12/13/14/15).
– Increased damage of Barrage.

– Weapon blessing amount increased to +30% (was +20%)
– Training blessing amount decreased to 70% (was 80%) and duration upped to 20 minutes (was 15 minutes)

More Improvements and Fixes!
– Players can speed up Ask for Troops by using Crowns!
– Library “Finish Now” costs now update in real-time.
– Less scrolling, more scrolls! The Library now auto-scrolls to lowest available level of technologies and inventions.
– New Achievements for Oil!
– Animal Blessing now correctly spawns animals at the intended rate.
– Trade Goods are now properly stored on Campaign maps between attacks.
– Updated Battle screen and star position, more on-screen space for battling!
– Better logic when trying to connect to iTunes or Google Play stores.
– Added a unique German Rally icon.
– Added unique Change Wonder icon.
– Additional polish added to Revolution, fireworks and cheers!
– Added a new prompt when Alliance Leaders leave an Alliance.
– Added an Alliance button to Town Centers after the Alliance Gate is repaired.
– Added a message to better inform players when Alliance donation limits are reached.
– Replays correctly display remaining time left in a battle.
– Rotate button is always shown when in Map Editor to prevent buttons moving position.
– Road Buff effect is now hidden when moving roads.
– Wall connections will now update properly while moving.
– Fixed “For Hire” Goal to allow Mercenaries discovered in Forests to properly count.
– Fixed rare crash when using Betrayal and First Aid tactics together.
– Fixed a bug that caused the last few roads purchased to disappear.
– Fixed issue using Rally onto a Food or Gold Shipments.
– Fixed Alliance Window scrolling when a visit button is visible.
– Fixes for War Tactics targeting invalid targets.
– Prevented crash when attacking players with corrupt data.
– More cheat detection and prevention.

All in all, this is an amazing update that fixes the game quite a lot, just as it was requested by all players. Stay with us – pretty soon we’ll have a complete overview article of everything that’s new in the game following the Oil Boom and how to prepare for the upcoming Industrial Age.

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  1. Well I first would like to congratulate you on this game. I started playing when there was less than 100000 players and am pleased to hear that you are potentially goint to surpass the expectations of Boom Beach and Clash of Clans. Right on, hate them both. Now not that I want to complain or anything but just 4 days ago there must have been some sort of glitch that gave me almost 17,000,000 steel !!!! But now I have none ( not because I used them ) but because it dropped to 45 steel then none in two days.

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