DomiNations Problem with Leagues & Free Crown Ad Bots Persisting

Several days ago, DomiNations started to experience some problems with Alliance chat, Leagues and with a lot of ad bots invading the said alliance chats to promote websites where you could get free crowns in the game (which was and is, of course, not true!)

Probably, Big Huge Games and Nexon tried to find a fix for this problem, but something went wrong: the official word is that they had some server-related issues which are still being investigated.

Even though the Alliance problems have been solved, as well as the replays of the battles, the league problem is still there and most of us are no longer in any league – or if we join one, it only lasts for a few minutes. Also, the ad bots are still spamming my alliance with “free crowns” messages, so I can only guess that they couldn’t fix that problem either, for now.

But they are working hard on getting back to 100% and today they posted this on Facebook:

“Alliance chat and Replays problems related to this issue should be resolved. At this time we are still working on the League issue. We realize how frustrating this is for everyone. We can assure you we are working on getting this solved as quickly as possible.”

Hopefully, it won’t take long before we’re back in the leagues we belong to – but at least this is not a game-breaking problem, so we can’t be too upset about this!

Did you experience any other problems related to DomiNations lately?

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    • I had a similar issue in June with a new device I purchased. When trying to link my account to my new tablet it actually linked me to someones hacked account. Nexon said it was a gmail issue. By coincidence the device broke so I returned it. I went into my gmail and disconnected all devices that were listed as being used. When I downloaded it to the replacement and linked it everything worked. I don’t know what really solved it though, replacing my device or clearing them from gmail. Either way, Nexon said it wasn’t them.

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