DomiNations Still Down after Hours of Downtime

I think that something really bad happened with the DomiNations servers or something like that (sorry for the non-technical words, but I really am shaky in this area). One thing is clear though: it’s been hours since DomiNations isn’t working and Nexon and Big Huge Games are working like crazy to get things fixed.

The image you are seeing above appeared a few hours after the game went down and no information has been given since as for the reason of the “Maintenance” break. Right now, we’re told that the game is offline until “5:30” which doesn’t make much sense since we don’t know what time zone they’re talking about.

Fans are obviously furious that they can’t play the game and we are indeed talking about a major, major downtime that was certainly unexpected. This might hurt the game a lot, but I personally hope that it won’t and that it will be back on track as soon as possible.

Until the problem – whatever the problem is – gets fixed, I think we should all be patient and remember that, even though some of us are spending money on the game, most people are playing it without spending a dime. Also, accidents happen even when we’re talking about big huge games like DomiNations and instead of complaining and throwing stones at them, we should understand the stress they’re probably going through like now and be patient. Our bases are not going anywhere and will be back, hopefully, soon.

Are you upset about the DomiNations prolonged downtime or you take it as part of the whole?

6 comments on “DomiNations Still Down after Hours of Downtime

  1. I just shook it off because those things happen. There is nothing you can do about it (on the players side) and on the company side, things break. That is life.

  2. It was annoying, but it happens. More annoyed about the chat function only working properly intermittently

  3. I really like the game but do not understand why it simply shuts down in the
    Midst of a war or while giving cocommands. I have lost 19 armies and countless resourses. Then was locked out after I was attacked.
    That was under “absolon”.

    Any advice would be thank full as for now I can’t see waisting time building a city only to have it vanish with chance for recourse.

    • From an email I received from them yesterday, “Hi there Jeff,

      Crashing during combat is, most times, due to memory issues. There are several steps that can be taken to potentially fix crashes during battle:

      1. Disable Sounds and Music in the Settings menu.
      2. Quit any apps running in the background before going into battle.
      3. Before going into battle, quit DomiNations and restart the game.

      We are currently focused on improving performance so this does not occur.”

  4. I think that something really bad happened with the DomiNations servers or something like that…
    Who did this 🙂 come on!
    Latest news from Dominations, they found some people selling illegal crowns.. where they got those crows.. That will be serious problems for Dominations.

  5. The server downtime was most likely to purge, clean up, and strengthen the security of the server after the recent hack of the Administrative message posting rights. (The free crowns message everyone was getting). When something like that happens, you have little choice but to purge the system and reload a backup.

    Given the amount of players and data involved, that backup takes a while to process. It was a needed repair, and one that was costing the devs. The game has been way to easily hackable (based on documented players having base designs that are contrary to game timeline, and the message hacks), and hopefully this has been corrected some.

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