DomiNations Tactics Guide / Best Tactic to Use in Battles

Looking at my defense logs in DomiNations, I see that tactics are used rarely in battle. And guess what? When I look at my defense logs, I have victory after victory after victory! This doesn’t mean that tactics will guarantee victory, but they can help a lot, especially if you make the right choice when it comes to activating them.

Therefore, I have decided to write this article and talk to you about the best DomiNations tactic overall and the best tactic(s) to use in battle, as well as how to use them in order to guarantee victory and a nice loot.

One thing that I rarely see in my defense logs is the use of two tactics of the same type. For a long while, I didn’t knew I could get two tactics of the same time in the War Academy and use them in battle – so please have in mind that this is possible – and you should do it, instead of spreading out with three different tactics (unless that’s your strategy).

So… what’s the best tactic in DomiNations?

I think that opinions vary, but hopefully we can all agree that the best two tactics are Sabotage and Protect. Judging on how often I use one versus the other, I would be tempted to say that Sabotage is the best tactic since it incapacitates for at least 13 seconds one, but usually 2 or 3 defensive buildings. And 13 seconds is A LOT in DomiNation!

Protect is also great as it offers an amazing 50% damage reduction for almost 40 seconds (depending on level), and that matters a lot as it either keeps the Chivalry alive for long enough to take down that ballista, or the soldiers alive to survive the Catapult attacks.

How to get the most out of Tactics in Battle

In my case, there are two types of attacks I make: attacks for loot (where I don’t even care about stars and medals) and attacks for loot & medals. I will never attack, and hopefully you won’t do it either, an enemy just to gain medals. At this point, the game offers no real incentive to have a lot of medals, so make sure you always attack for the most possible loot.

When I only attack for loot, I do it with several soldiers and ranged units, so I rarely use tactics: they take long until they are ready and there is no point in dragging battles for too long.

Things change when serious attacks are to be done. Usually, my first attack when I log in is a serious attack, because I have all the War Tactics ready and maybe some blessings too (but usually, just tactics).

I always go for a serious battle with at least the following setup: 1 Protect and 2 Sabotage tactics. My mindset is to use as few of these as possible to make the attack worthwhile (not only that I need to recover the retraining costs from the attack, but I also consider that it will take hours for them to be available again). So always try to use war tactics only when needed and where they are needed.

The layout of the base you are attacking matters a lot in making this decision. There are basically two main targets early on: the Ballista and the Catapult. If they are close by, that’s pure gold. Simply blast a Sabotage to block them, then unleash cavalry first, then regular soldiers. Rally them to attack the Ballista first and most likely they will go for the Catapult second. Next, I would send a big load of soldiers and ranged units to cover the second Ballista (usually, it won’t be near a catapult again), and only if the situation requires it I will use the Protect on this main army. Usually, there’s no need to do it – but again, it depends on the base layout you’re facing.

In most cases, this strategy does wonders. It also uses, usually, just one tactic – a Sabotage, and you already have one more left for an upcoming battle. Most likely, you’ll go in with a Protect tactic too!

But adapt this strategy and make it work for the particular base you are attacking. Always make sure that using many tactics is worth the trouble (as in a lot of loot) and that you will really get what you want from using them. Proper timing is also important, and with a several battles under your belt, you will know exactly how to time everything and how to use these tactics.

Do you have a different strategy when it comes to using the War Tactics in DomiNations? Or maybe you have a different favorite tactic? Let us know in the comment section below!

3 comments on “DomiNations Tactics Guide / Best Tactic to Use in Battles

  1. In a War situation i normally use Demo, & Sabotage, i usually pick of the mortar with the demo tactic first, & then use the sabotage for the City Centre to stop the troops from spawing, & the castle to block the generals from spawing. This does take practise, & yu must get the timing just right, otherwise, the sabotage is just a waste. Obviously, how many u use of each one is depended on the War base yu are attacking, i am at Industrial Age, & hv 5 tactics available.

  2. The dumbasses at Nexon now have made both those require 2 spaces and I’ve quit the game over it. I mean, wasn’t it hard enough already??

  3. Only thing I can say that our troops can was lit win stars n beat the bases but the main problem is that domination needs to where our defenses can do better defending n instead of loading every time..just we need more defense weapons bc they just use tanks n roll right threw it like if I was the inventer of this game..I’ll make the defense better than attacking bc if they want to beat the base..just they need the right troops.etc to beat that base n on needs to be turf n it should be that way..but so far the last 5 month’s that’s all ppl talked about..wanting tuffer defenses so higher lol players can’t just come n and take what they want n plus it gives higher players a better harder strategy to win..that’s what they want n us lower ppl want stronger n more weapons added..

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