DomiNations Terra Cotta Army: How Does It Actually Work?

Probably one of the biggest mysteries surrounding DomiNations is the Terra Cotta Army wonder that you can build in the Classical Age. I have received a ton of e-mails from players asking me how does it actually work and until now it was all a mystery to me too. But fortunately, today I have all the details about the Terra Cotta Army: how it works and, most importantly, if you should choose it as your wonder for the Classical Age.

Usually, the main question is: what is the Terra Cotta Army and how do you use it.

Unfortunately, it’s not at all impressive at the moment. The Terra Cotta Army can be used once per day and gives you 10 Soldiers and 10 Archers to your army. The level of the troops is based on the level of the troops you have in your base.

terra cotta army

However, the number of troops offered does not grow over time, so the more advanced the age, the less useful the extra troops are. However, 20 extra soldiers per day are really useful in combat. Unfortunately, you can only use that once per day. But if you manage to find a base with a ton of resources, it will surely be worth it!

The Terra Cotta Army also offers a 20% HP bonus to nearby barracks and your castle, so it helps your defense a little bit.

Personally, I didn’t wait to find out everything about the Terra Cotta Army and I rushed to choose the Colosseum. I am still not sure that I made the wrong decision: it’s clear to me that these are the best two wonders of the Classical Age and I am sure that you can get great results with the Terra Cotta Army too.

So whatever choice you make, make it by choosing between the Colosseum and the Terra Cotta Army. At least that’s how I’d do it.

Kudos to our reader ispaceout for providing us with the details about Dominations’ Terra Cotta Army.

2 comments on “DomiNations Terra Cotta Army: How Does It Actually Work?

  1. I thought one of the best wonders was the forbidden city because it acts as a second town hall forcing the attacker to destroy both,sacrificing valuable time and troops,especially if you have the japan nation…

    • Well, right now, the medals don’t play a major role in the game in terms of rewards, so at the moment, I wouldn’t care so much about them. Things are surely going to change, though, when they will matter a bit more.

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