DomiNations Turns 60, Shares Impressive Numbers and Stats – Check them Out Here!

Our favorite strategy game just turned 60 (days) and Big Huge Games decided to share a bit of interesting information about the game to celebrate properly. From number of players registered, to how many troops have been trained and even when most attacks are made, we’ve got them all and I am sure you’re curious to find them out.

So, since its release 60 days ago, DomiNations managed to get the following impressive achievements (and we have a great Infographic below too):

– it was downloaded more than 7.2 million times
– players have trained more than 1.6 Billion troops since the game was launched
– these troops took part in 49.5 million battles since the game’s launch
– there are over 166,000 alliances in the game and 70.6 million troops have been donated so far

There are even more interesting stats about DomiNations in the infographic you can see below, so make sure you check it out (tap/click to enlarge to see it better):

DomiNations Infographic

I would say that everything is pretty impressive so far and with the upcoming updates and the developers’ focus on building a better game, the stats will only get better.

One comment on “DomiNations Turns 60, Shares Impressive Numbers and Stats – Check them Out Here!

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