DomiNations Update 1.3.0 Allows Us to Change Nations, Wonders, New War Tactic & More

The first DomiNations update since the game’s official launch in April has been released, bringing the game to version 1.3.0. It’s an extremely exciting update that comes with a ton of new features to the game – many asked for by all players and balance fixes, proving that Big Huge Games and Nexon are doing their best to keep our all time favorite game the best there is right now on the market. And I am happy they are doing this!

So let’s see what changes are brought in by the new DomiNations update. We’ll start with the most important and most requested new features:

You can now change Nations. Starting the Medieval Age, you can tap your Town Center and choose the “Revolution” option. This allows you to change your nation in the game. However, it is pretty expensive at 600 Crowns and requires all 8 Citizens in your Nation.

You can now change your Wonders too. If you made a mistake or you want to try out a new wonder, you can also do that starting today: use the “Replace” option on any of your Wonders and it costs 600 crowns and 4 Citizens.

– New Tactic is available in the War Academy: Betrayal is extremely useful as it allows you to turn the defenders of the enemy player into troops that fight on your side. This can offer huge advantage in any type of battle, even though it works on a limited number of defenders.

Together with these new additions, a lot of balancing changes have been made. The League Rewards have now been tweaked, as well as the Library Tech to make your research even more powerful. Finally, the Gunpowder Age wonders are receiving new powers – we haven’t covered them on the blog until now and we’ll do it soon with the new powers covered.

Even though I am not happy with the fact that players can change Nations and Wonders, I admit that it does cost an awful lot of Crowns to do it so I don’t think that most of the players will even use this option, even if they are not satisfied with the choices you have made. In the end, all wonders and nations are good and can be successfully used in the game, so anything can be worked out. Still, I am happy to see these updates rolling in and proving that the developers are working hard to deliver a perfect, flawless experience – which is exactly what we want and need.

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  1. When will you be looking over the gunpowder age wonders because I have a hard time choosing which one to build

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