DomiNations Update Fixes Missing Medals & Crowns, Alliance Issues and Celebrates with Special Event

A lot of players (fortunately, I wasn’t included), were affected in the past several days by some problems and bugs in DomiNations: missing crowns, missing medals and other alliance issues plagued the game for many players, but fortunately everything’s about to change now as the developers of the game have just announced that they’re rolling in an update that completely fixes all the problems.

Community Manager Adrasteia posted on the official forums:

“We fixed all accounts that were impacted by the recent Alliance issues; for those who have submitted support tickets, you will soon receive a response indicating that the issue has been resolved. If you continue to have issues, please contact our Customer Support department.

Additionally, we are working on restoring missing Medals.

We also fixed accounts hit by negative Crown totals. Should you still have negative Crowns, we ask that you please submit a ticket to Customer Support.”

In order to give all players a “thank you” gift for being so patient while they worked on fixing these problems, the developers also announced that a brand new and extremely exciting event will kick off starting today in Dominations: the Golden Stag Weekend.

During this time, Golden Stags (which can be hunted down by three workers and reward you with free Crowns) will span more often, so make sure that you have your workers ready to do some hunting this weekend and get you a ton of free crowns to further develop your nation.

There are even more exciting news about an upcoming update (involving changing nations and wonders amongst other things), but we’ll talk about that in more detail in an upcoming article. Until then, I really hope that you had no problems with the bugs mentioned above and if you did, they are now fixed for you!

9 comments on “DomiNations Update Fixes Missing Medals & Crowns, Alliance Issues and Celebrates with Special Event

  1. I have been getting cut off in the middle of battle. Lost all my soldiers and and mercenaries. It just stops. Thought it might have been my iPad but it only shuts down when I am on this particular game. Am I the only one this is happening too

  2. No the same happens to me repeatedly. Today I loaded up and my village has completely changed! Has this happened to anybody and should I be concerned that someone may have hacked my apple account?

    • Today I tried to get on then it kicked me off telling me I had no internet connection, but here I am online!

    • Happened to me too. Village completely changed. Very annoying. I worked hard to build that village!

        • Now in the middle of a battle they shut down for maintenance! Will have to start all over again and curious why you lose your mercenaries after a battle. Even if they don’t die. Why can’t we have them till they die??

  3. Cannot get a server connection on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 but works fine on my Samsung S2 phone.
    This happenend after some update. Tried to reinstall game on the Tab 2 but still the same.

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