DomiNations Update Gathering Storm Brings General MacArthur and New Industrial Buildings

The development team behind our favorite strategy game, DomiNations, has been updated just a short while ago with brand new content, adding improvements to the Industrial Age, fixing a few bugs and stability issues and delivering even more building and upgrade options to players who are in the said age. I am sure you’re curious to find out everything about the new update in case you’ve missed it, so here are the release notes:

Improved Timed Goals
• Timed goals are now more balanced for players in any age!

Additional Industrial Age Upgrades
• Introducing a new Industrial Age General: MacArthur!
• More troop and building upgrades available in the Industrial Age!

Improved Compatibility Support
• iOS 9 support and bug fixes

We told you a while ago about the upcoming general MacArthur, but now we know his stats too: he is durable and does 6x damage against generals. His base stats are: 9,900 Hitpoints and 413 damage per second (2,478 against generals). He’s a real beast!

The new general, combined with the new upgrades and building levels in the game will surely give players a lot to do if they had maxed out their bases already. At least until the next Age, which is closer than ever!

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