DomiNations Wonders Guide: Best Wonder for the Bronze Age

Now that we have checked out the tips and tricks for beginners and all the details about the best nation in the game, it’s time to move on to another interesting mechanic – choosing the best wonder in DomiNations. And we’ll start with the first age that allows the building of wonders, the Bronze Age.

Every age, we have the option to choose one Wonder out of four that will be built for our nation, each with its own set of bonuses. The catch? You can only build one out of four and the choice you make is permanent. So in order to make sure that you do the right choice, we’re going to have a guide for each of the three ages that come with wonders and we’re starting with the DomiNations Wonders guide for the Bronze Age.

Let’s start by checking out all the details about each wonder:

The Pyramids


Effect: 20% boost to the production of nearby farms



Effect: Your defending troops get 15% more troops and the spawn time is reduced by 20%



Effect: 10% extra gold when you collect from a caravan and 100% bonus for the road network

Hanging Gardens


Effect: The gathering time for collecting from trees and mines is reduced to half and you get 20% more resources. Also, the regeneration time is reduced by 20%

Out of these four DomiNations wonders for the Bronze age, I would say that two stand out: The Acropolis and the Hanging Gardens. I personally chose the Acropolis and I am, so far, pleased with the results, but I also know that having the Hanging Gardens for the extra boost in resources would’ve helped a lot. Early on you need a lot of resources and you don’t really have them, but you also have your workers busy most of the time. That will stop being a problem later on, when you will always have at least two workers waiting to collect some resources and the extra they would get would add up eventually. But I still believe that the Acropolis is the better choice as a wonder for the Bronze Age.

What do you think? Which is the best wonder to choose in DomiNations when you reach the Bronze Age?

UPDATE: We have also published a guide on the Classical Age Wonders – make sure to check it out as well!

10 comments on “DomiNations Wonders Guide: Best Wonder for the Bronze Age

  1. Hands down, it is better not to build a wonder at all for Bronze Age if you are thinking of end game. Wonders have a disproportionate amount of victory points over any other building. Because of their size, it is not feasible to put the building within your walls. Since they don’t have many hit points, they can be quickly destroyed for the maximum number of victory stars in a raid, maximizing the medal count of the attacker. I wish there was a way to get rid of my wonders.

  2. Wonders do have their uses. I initially went with the Hanging Gardens, but after investing in farms and caravans, decided to spend some crowns to convert it into the Acropolis. 😉

  3. Pyramids.

    Food builds troops. Troops raid gold. Repeat.

    Hanging gardens suck unless you’re going to be on all day and all night collecting trees and mines every time the timer runs down.

  4. Hanging gardens are useful in the early game but become more irrelevant as the game goes on because you only get like 3500 every time you clear your gold or tree. However, the bonus does apply to the stuff you get when you remove a forest however rate that may be. The wonder also lowers the time in between that you can harvest trade goods which can be very beneficial for more active players that do tend to use more mercs like myself. So for very active players this is the wonder you want. If you are active but aren’t using many mercs (in the late game mercs don’t become as relevent) then you may want to go with the Acropolis because of the defensive benefits. Also the Acropolis combined with the colleseum in the next age (that’s the one you want) becomes a very powerful combo. In the late game however, the Stonehenge seems like it would have the most use as you get double the gold from roads. That’s a huge boost considering how much more gold you will be getting and need for the late game. Pyramids is useless in late game and only subpar beneficial for the early game. So it depends on your style of play. Personally now that I’m later in the game I will probably trade my hanging gardens for the Acropolis or Stonehenge. You may want to consider doing something similar and sacrificing the crowns or just plan on working towards the end game now and not sacrificing it.

  5. Stonehenge is the must have building in the coming ages based on my experience
    Im at gunpowder age now and it really GREATLY helps u to provide the needed coins for upgrading your def buildings clearing forests and etc…so just have patience till u advance through ages and get real benefit of this great wonder!

    conclusion: Throw away Pyramids and Hanging gardens, if you want to grow big in this game you are dawn to 2 options either for the good old Acro+collo combo or take Stonehenge which will make you wealthy later on and u should consider youre needs to make the choice if u want tomake youre deffenses solid and keep your medals (which is useless as u can attack and make your way up again) go for the Acropolis but if u want have less worries about the coins u gonna need, get the Stonehenge and always upgrade your road and caravans to max!

  6. i havent upgraded mine passed lvl 3. yet so i can still change it when i like but do i still get any bonuses the wonder gives or do i have to upgradd to lvl 5 to get any bonus.

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