DomiNations World War Base Layout Designs / Ideas

With the World War having started in DomiNations for a while now, you probably found out that the base design that you’re using in the regular game doesn’t work just as well as you would’ve liked it to in the new Alliance Wars feature and you are probably looking to improve it with a new base layout. Or even if it’s working great, you can still use some extra ideas when it comes to designing the perfect base for a DomiNations World War and I am here to share with you exactly that: a few Base Designs for World War bases that are difficult to beat.

Probably the biggest change that you have to consider when going to war in the game is that now the Headquarters must be protected no matter what. Since quickly destroying it gives the opponent an easy star, if left unprotected, that can cost you the war in the long run. So make sure that the headquarters are in a central position, defended by as many rows of walls as possible.

Also, creating more “rooms” that the opponents have to blast through in order to get to it – and to all your other buildings – makes it almost impossible for them to 5 star you, so make sure that you do that as well. Keep all the defensive buildings smartly placed and completely ignore the resource buildings and anything else.

Now here are some base design ideas for the World War, coming from the official Nexon forums, shared by Jwinn:

war base layout ideas 01

war base layout ideas 02

war base layout ideas 03

war base layout ideas 04

war base layout ideas 05

There you have them! Some nice ideas for solid DomiNations World War bases that will surely help you build the perfect base layout for winning battles and losing as few stars as possible during wars!

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