DomiNations World War Guide: Complete Guide to Win Your Wars!

The most anticipated update for DomiNations has been launched – World War – bringing us the amazing alliance vs. alliance battles and raising the challenge levels a lot in the game. Things are a lot more fun, as well as a lot more frustrating in some cases. But the Dominations Alliance Wars aka World War are here and I can finally share with you a complete guide to this brand new feature.

So read on for our complete DomiNations World War guide, with tips and tricks on how to win wars, how to help your alliance members the most and what to do in order to get the most out of this great new feature.

I believe that everybody knows right now what the World War really is in DomiNations, but we’ll go for a quick overview just in case: a World War can be started only by the leader of the alliance and it’s divided in two stages (two days): first day is the planning day where alliance members donate troops for defense and plan who to attack and how to do it better. The second day is when all hell breaks loose and members of each alliance start attacking the other alliance members. Each battle can be won with a maximum of 5 stars: for example, if a member of an alliance wins a battle in the war and gains 3 stars, he will win the three stars for their alliance. If another member attacks the same enemy and gets 4 stars, one extra stars will be added to the counter (so only new stars will be counted, which means that attacking the same weak player over and over again makes no sense).

Now that we know the basics, let’s go a bit more in depth and let’s check out some World War tips and tricks in order to make yourself as useful as possible during the event.

1. It’s extremely important to know that an Alliance War in Dominations is a team game. If your alliance members are not active and communicative, your chances of winning that war will go down a lot. So it’s important to be part of an active alliance with players of similar levels/ages in order to keep things as balanced as possible.

2. The planning day is vital for all Alliance wars. You should scout all players and decide who attacks who. There’s no sense in wasting attacks. Ideally, everybody attacks just once in an alliance war and gets the biggest number of stars required to win the war. Afterwards, if you want, you can attack whoever for extra loot. But in the DomiNations World War, it’s the stars that matter the most and you only have 2 attacks to make it count. Also, it’s worth noting that you can’t attack the same player twice, so make sure that you max out your star gains when you attack!

Also, during the planning day you should make sure to donate troops. Raiders and other weak troops make no sense here. Make sure you only send or request units that are as powerful as possible, both in defense and offense.

3. Your base design will probably be different from your regular base. Most people keep their headquarters unprotected in the base game, but headquarters become vital during a World War: with an unprotected headquarters, you can easily lose extra stars when attacked (the quick victory star). Therefore, build a base specifically for the war – layouts are coming soon! – and make sure that you protect your headquarters the best and leave resource buildings outside. General rules apply as well: make sure that you have as many “rooms” as possible, creating as many sets of walls for your opponents to destroy in order to get to you.

4. Potential cheat: I’ve heard of alliances dropping their crown numbers in order to “weaken” themselves for the matchmaking. My alliance hasn’t tried this since we all have too many crows to easily give them up, but it might be a strategy to get easier to destroy opponents. However, it’s not 100% certain that this method works as we don’t know exactly how the matchmaking process works. Still, crowns might matter even a bit, so you can try it for a war: have all your members lose 3-400 crowns by consecutively attacking players and intentionally losing battles and see how that goes! It might be worthwhile in the long run!

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5. Who should you attack? If you have a solid alliance, you will have a clear target or multiple targets to attack. Even if you don’t, you should always go for that enemy that you think you can 5 star, but going for the weakest is not the best idea always. If you are a strong player and you 5 star the weakest opponent, one of your weaker allies will have no chance in getting any stars from stronger opponents. This means that you should always attack a player that you are sure none of the weakest players in your alliance could 5 star (or get a similar number of stars as you did).

6. How to select Generals and Blessings?
Blessings don’t work in the World War, so you can’t select any. Also, you can’t directly decide which general(s) to use – the game automatically selects your highest level general in combat – or the best two if you researched the Library perk.

7. What’s the point of the Command Post?
That’s where the loot is stored. However, the Command Post CAN be looted in regular multiplayer battles, so try to treat is as a better storage building and defend it behind walls (at least in your regular base).

These would be our tips and tricks for the DomiNations World War. Do you have other war suggestions for fellow players? Let us know by commenting below!

21 comments on “DomiNations World War Guide: Complete Guide to Win Your Wars!

  1. Great tips thanks. I think you mean medals and not crowns when you say “some alliances drop crowns to weaken themselves before a war”

  2. Just needed to let you know this before you start gallivanting like you know everything you should probably read the ingame easy to use customer service located in settings if you did this before you went off like you knew everything you would know how the war search and matchmaking is done many other questions you may have could be answered there as well another thing you don’t want your alliance members to just attack whoever they want on their first attack… Proper technique to war is you have all of your alliance members attack the same numbered enemy as their selves and wait for their second attack until they war timer it’s 12 hours then that is the time for them to do their second attack on the base they can for sure five-star

    • Actually a better plan might be to use the 2n & 2n-1 model, and use the second tier for scouting and rushing to get at least 1 star. But then of course YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT!

  3. Sorry to be such a harsh message it just is discouraging to me seeing people trying to educate other people about this game when they don’t even know about the game their selves

    • I hate to see trolls who really don’t know how to play the game beyond the most basic amateur strategic level, and who have numerous misspellings and grammatical errors giving terrible advice in someone else’s post. Attacking the same level, Is a guaranteed way to be a mediocre losing clan. you should always attack the highest opponent that you think you’re confident about five stars. but what do I know about strategy? Besides I’m in the highest rated clan in clash of clans, and routinely win in dominations… also I have a PhD in math and statistics…

  4. Why would you lose battles on purpose to lose crowns when you could do something useful with them? I dunno like upgrading something! Just sayin’

  5. We have noticed that dropping medals gives easier matches but less loot. The key is communication. If our officers have discussed a plan and some newb comes galavanting in with an unsanctioned attack they get warned and if they do it again kicked. I agree the original post seems neophytic but there is no need to be a hateful troglodyte about it.

  6. Can anyone explain why, without any nasty commentary, troops that are donated for war, disappear at the time of battle? AWOL you might say?

    • They appear when you are attacked, not when you attack others. You must ask other members for troops through the chat before you attack.

  7. Do you want to join a strong core active group? Cool! Search for LOVE 2 and be welcome! Our allies has an average of 1500 medals and we’re looking to quickly grow into a DomiNating Alliance! If you are motivated, solid and appreciate a good give and take, come grow with us! LOVE 2 is wating for you! 🙂

    • A plus sign indicates that player can still receive troops from his allies before the war starts. Tap that player and you can see how many troops you can donate. Those troops help the player defend but not attack. I’ve heard you give troops that can kill other troops (not raiders or wall sappers). I’ve also heard you let the more advanced players fill with their advanced troops. To do that however, you must communicate with each other so the war doesn’t start without all team mates reinforced.

  8. Someone in our alliance keeps starting wars and picking same players, even when others opt in. How can we find out who is the culprit as it seems an unfair system. Surely you can view who starts each war?

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