General MacArthur Coming to DomiNations Soon

Big Huge Games have just posted an announcement on the official Facebook page of DomiNations: General MacArthur is soon joining the ranks of Alexander, Cleopatra and company and he’s going to be riding a tank from the start! Not a bad way to make an entrance!

The official announcement reads: “General MacArthur was a five-star general in the American army and played a large role in three major wars: the Western Front of World War I, the Pacific theater of World War II, and led the United Nations Command in the Korean War. He famously returned to the Philippines, and soon he is coming to DomiNations!”

Some people are saying that this might mean that the Americans are the next nation to come to the game, but others also note that the Philippines might be the one since DomiNations is doing so well in Asian markets and normally focusing on the players there. However, no nation has been announced – just the General so far – so it might be just this update. Or not – we’ll see. Until then, check out the sleek General MacArthur in his new tank:

dominations macarthur

Are you excited about the announcement of a new general for the game? Would you like to see a brand new nation too?

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