How to Get Three Catapults in DomiNations

You’ve probably seen a lot of bases in DomiNations that have one extra catapult. Are these players cheating? How is it possible for some to have three catapults when you can only build two? I am here to share with you the answers and things are easier than you think!

First of all, it’s worth noting that the players with three catapults in the game are not cheating! Everybody can get there and increase their maximum catapult number in the game if they have enough resources. So here’s how to get 3 catapults in DomiNations:

In order to get your third catapult in DomiNations, you need to build the Library. From there, you have to research Machinery all the way to Chapter 3. Once you have researched Chapter 3 of the Machinery knowledge in the Library, you will get the option to place an extra catapult on your base.

Also, you can increase the number of Watch Towers too by researching the Watch Towers knowledge in the Library, and I would recommend you start with that, actually, since you unlock the extra Tower at Chapter 1!

Hope this help you get the extra firepower needed to better defend your base!

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  1. Can you research at the library and upgrade it at the same time? If you can, does the research still keep going or does it pause until the building upgrade is finished?

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