How to Play DomiNations on PC or Mac for Free

You might want to always have your DomiNations game open even when you’re working, studying or at home – or just any time, to make sure that you don’t miss anything important in the recently launched World War feature, or an attack against you. Or collecting resources, training troops, sending out a new attack… there are a ton of reasons why you would like to always have DomiNations running, but your device might not have the battery required for that. In that case, you might be wondering if you can download DomiNations for PC (or Mac) and play it for free, legally.

Fortunately, no matter why you want to do this, the answer is the same: yes, you can download DomiNations for PC and play it on your laptop or home computer easily. And I am here to share with you how to do this and how to move the greatest strategy game of all times to your large(r) screen. Totally legal and for free!

So here is how to download and play DomiNations on PC, Windows or Mac:

1. You will first need to download a free program that’s called an emulator. It’s called Bluestacks and you can download it for free here.

2. Install Bluestacks and run it.

3. If you don’t have an account, create one for free and log in.

4. Search for DomiNations and install the game.

5. You can now play the game on your computer or laptop, no matter if you’re using Windows or iOS! The good part is that you can continue the game you have started and all the features are there, including the option to spend money to buy Diamonds or whatever you need. It’s exactly the same game, played on your computer with the help of the emulator.

And now you know how to play DomiNations on PC or Mac – and you have no more excuses not to always be online.

5 comments on “How to Play DomiNations on PC or Mac for Free

  1. I downloaded this as explained with my account and everything(im level 89) and it appeares a brand new game! level1! what happened? did i do something wrong? help please?

  2. Hi, I downloaded bluestacks but it won’t show DomiNations. I tried searching under DomiNations and Nexon. It shows a few Nexon games but no DomiNations…
    Did anyone have this issue also?

    • I’ve got the same issue, it seems to be kind of compatibility issue, I found the game in my apps but it says this game is not compatible with my device!

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