Latest DomiNations Update Brings in More Balance, Nerfs Cavalry

Probably the latest connection issues that we’ve all been experimenting in DomiNations were caused by a pretty important game-fixing and tweaking update that was just launched to the servers. We only have some balance tweaks and changes, to keep the game as competitive as possible, better battle options that I am really excited about and a cavalry nerfing that I don’t really like… but it doesn’t hurt the game much either.

According to the official posting, here are all the changes brought to the game by the latest update:

Multiplayer Battle Matchmaking Improvements!
– More competitive Multiplayer Matches!
– Gunpowder and Enlightenment Age players no longer match up with players who are more than 1 Age difference than them. No more Gunpowder troops storming through Classical villages!

Oil Collection & Storage Balance
– Oil Well hitpoints increased to 2200/2400 (were 400/430).
– Oil Refinery hitpoints increased to 9150 (was 2000).

Factory Troops Balance
– Now bring twice as many Gatling Guns into battle! Gatling and Heavy Gatling Gun troop space cut in half from 8 to 4.
– Gatling and Heavy Gatling Gun costs, damage, and hitpoints have all been adjusted accordingly.
– Gatling and Heavy Gatling Gun train time increased from 120 seconds to 150 seconds.
– Guerrilla and Saboteur train time increased from 300 seconds to 600 seconds.

Cavalry Balance
– Cavalry damage reduced to 80/90/110/130/140 (were 128/144/176/208/224). Unique and Mercenary Cavalry changed to match.

Library Research
– Leadership book price fixes. Costs were incorrectly set, now 9000/18000/27000 Oil (were 800/1600/2400)
– Levels 2-10 for Napoleon now cost Oil to research.

Those who managed to upgrade Napoleon were certainly inspired, because he’s now more difficult to train, but still the changes don’t ruin the game. On the contrary: I appreciate the new match making system which gives better bases with more resources to loot and keeps the bases that are two ages weaker from appearing – they never make a point attacking because of the low number of resources the offer.

I don’t really know what to say about the cavalry update – even though there is indeed a huge drop in damage caused by the Cavalry, I don’t think it affects the game greatly. But then again, I only send 5 cavalry to battle with each attack that I make, so I don’t really know how much are those who base their attacks on cavalry affected…

What do you think about this latest update?

One comment on “Latest DomiNations Update Brings in More Balance, Nerfs Cavalry

  1. HI,
    I have an asus fonepad(K00E) and used to play DomiNations but now google play says that the new update is not comptatible with your device.
    what should I do?

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