My Favorite New DomiNations Feature: Troop Retrain!

It seems that Nexon and Big Huge Games are waiting for me to go on vacation to change a lot of things in DomiNations… so you guys should wish I have more vacations, ha! Jokes aside, there are two great news for DomiNations players: a new nation is available in the game, Korea (but more about this in an upcoming article) and there’s a great new option available to us all: the troop retrain feature!

This great new feature and one of my favorite things introduced to the game since its launch allows you to simply tap a button and retrain the same units that you’ve lost in battle, as well as rehire the same mercenaries and queue up the tactics you’ve used in battle. This is amazing and saves up a lot of time, plus you see exactly how much everything will cost and it’s easier for you to know how a profitable attack looks like and how many resources you need to loot.

Here’s how the troop retrain feature looks like:

dominations troop retrain feature

In order to access this great new feature, after a battle is finished, tap your Barracks and select the option to retrain your troops. I love it!

One comment on “My Favorite New DomiNations Feature: Troop Retrain!

  1. I totally agree, this feature is truly unique and a big time saver! they also space out the retraining so that its evenly spread. it’s off sometimes (like if you have a high troop space item), but overall great

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