New DomiNations Nation: Korea Overview

As I was saying in my previous article about the troop retrain feature, a brand new nation has made its way to DomiNations, increasing the number of available nations in the game to eight. Korea is the new nation and it was launched as a celebration for the game’s launch on the Asian markets and localization with new languages. It also proves that most of the players in the game are from Asia, as there are three Asian nations in the game right now, while major ones (like Russians, Indians or even Americans) are completely missing. Fortunately, the game’s developers have promised that this is just one of more upcoming new nations, so there will be a lot of diversity soon in the game.

Back to the newly launched nation – Korea – let’s find out all the nice details about it!

Nation Powers

Ingenuity – this allows you to go with an extra War Tactic into battle. They are expensive and take a long time to train, but one extra tactic can be extremely useful in a difficult battle.

Resilience – this returns 10% of the loot stolen when you’re defending your base, so it adds to the feeling that this is indeed a nation that’s a bit more useful in the later stages of the game.

Unique Troops

Hwarang (upgrades to Singijeon and Righteous Rifleman): these are special archer units who deal 40% more damage than regular archers. Here is how the Royal Hwarang (medieval age) looks like:

dominations royal hwarang

All in all, Korea is a good nation and an interesting one overall. I am not really the biggest fan of the Nation’s powers, but I can see that they can be really useful in the later stages of the game – Enlightenment and above when you will usually have a lot more resources stocked up and an extra tactic when finding an opponent with a ton of resources would become extremely useful. Plus, the archer that does 40% more damage is really good…

What do you think about Korea in DomiNations? Would you make the switch or did you do it already? Or you prefer one of the starter nations?

5 comments on “New DomiNations Nation: Korea Overview

  1. Is it a joke? There is no nation called ‘Americans’. They’re just hybrids and they have 250 years long history. Adding a fictional nation to satify customers from the USA is very absurd. In my honest opinion adding Middle Easterns, Africans, Russians, Persians would be far better. So people from the USA can have an option to choose their origin nation.

    • Are you forgetting the native American people? That’s like saying China is. Hybrid as it is a mixture of different ethnic tribes that was only brought together as one nation in 1948 I believe.

  2. why the game should put the america ? america and british speak english they same and people in american is a immigration , original people from american is indian

  3. Yeah but persians and Greeks are essentially the same thing. In my opinion bring in Assyrians because they’re extremely advanced in warfare.

  4. Have you ever think about why there is not Ottoman Empire in this game ? OE was the best everyone knows this

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