See the Guerrilla and Gatling Gun in Action in the Latest DomiNations Trailer

The latest DomiNations update has brought us the Oil Boom that teases a lot of new content once the Industrial Age is released. However, I am sure that you are curious to see at least some of the new troops in action and fortunately Big Huge Games and Nexon decided to give us a treat and feed our curiosity.

The latest DomiNations trailer launched on the official YouTube channel of the game shows us the Factory at work, but most importantly gameplay bits featuring two of the new troops: the Gatling Gun and the Guerrilla. Let’s check it out below – and prepare to be amazed by that little Guerrilla dude!

We see, as anticipated, that the Guerrilla is an extremely useful troop – in the trailer, it takes out a tower all by himself and doesn’t disappear afterwards (so could he potentially take out even more? That would be great!). The Gatling Gun is messy but seems to do a great job at taking out enemy defenses, so he’s definitely worth keeping an eye on.

I am happy with the new trailer and I can’t wait to get to train the new dudes in the game! What do you think about them?

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